Sitting on the Job

In the world of risk factors for health, sitting is being touted as the new smoking.  This of course, does make me fidget in my seat as I write. This controversial info graphic might make you squirm too. Jobs that require standing all day present issues of their own but a mixture of both has got to be the winning combination. A current challenge in the workplace is to reduce the amount of time we spend sitting in our workday. Research shows that being desk or chair bound at work for long periods poses a health and safety risk to workers and that extended sitting is a separate risk factor from not getting enough daily physical activity. Sitting for long periods of time has become an unwelcome feature of many professions that require the use of a computer or being behind the wheel of a vehicle or truck in the transport industry. It is more important than ever that we renew our energy throughout the day, particularly if we do spend a lot of time sitting. One way of doing this is to take regular breaks to refuel or physically move to get our circulation flowing to brains and bodies and therefore increasing our well-being and productivity. Greatist Daily is one of my favourite ports of call for the happening things, ideas and strategies in health and they have some innovative ideas for ‘Deskercise‘ which I love and I think you might too.