On the Second Day….

Two tips in one day is a lot to take in I know but we need to catch up……On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me, two pink galahs… and a kookaburra in a gum tree. If the illustrations are anything to go by in the ‘The Australian Twelve Days of Christmas’, the pink galahs are throwing back a couple of cocktails and teasing the kookaburra.  I had a quick word to Santa today at the shops and he did indeed confirm that the galahs do like to imbibe in a few beverages around Christmas and revel in being the life of the party. Just in case you do too, there are some things that might be handy to take on board.  What you choose to drink is a key factor.  Red and white wine and champagne are pretty similar with a 100ml glass containing between 270-295 kJ.  Beer seems like at a winner at 149kJ per 100ml but lets face it, who drinks only 100ml beer?  Can you imagine cracking open a stubbie and then having to give it away after drinking only just under a quarter? Then we move a little higher, onto the spirit shelf.  A spirit like vodka, whisky, bourbon and the like attracts around 270kJ per 30ml shot whilst the elite spirits like Malibu, Baileys or Sambuca contain 420kJ per 30ml but watch out for their friends, the mixer.  A glass of mixer like cola or lemonade contains 420kJ, which can be just as much as the alcohol.  Would you sit down and eat 8-10 teaspoons sugar?  I didn’t think so. Then there are the nuts, chips, dips and the like that make you drink more. Its not your fault, they are very addictive and persuasive aren’t they?  Fat and alcohol are friends too and togetherness promotes fat storage.  Of course I would not suggest that you should drink alcohol and not eat, that would be irresponsible BUT think about eating a healthy snack or meal before you hit the party  This will eliminate the need to pounce on platters of finger food as they sail by and most importantly less excess baggage in January.

The Twelve Days of Christmas (with a twist)

Thanks to three kids 8 years and under, I have a lot of Christmas books.  One in particular is a huge favourite with the kids and that is ‘The Australian Twelve Days of Christmas’ by Heath McKenzie.  So, I thought what fun it would be if I could share twelve performance tips with a twist with you over the next 12 days.  What? I can see you counting your fingers and working out that today is in fact the 2nd day of Christmas, not the first.  This is because like everyone else, I feel like a mouse on a wheel and the first day of Christmas simply slipped me by.  So let me catch you up. On the first day of christmas my true love gave to me…. a kookaburra in a gum tree. Clearly this means that we should get active and climb a tree or fly a kite maybe?.  Just in case you can’t do that, pick a form of physical activity that you enjoy because its time to start putting some exercise in the bank.  We all know that the festive season means party, party, party. Its just like managing a bank account and if you are budgeting for a big ticket item (like a party or event), this means doing some saving. Given that the light streams through the windows before 5am, it is so much easier to get up at the moment and get moving. Remember the key elements of a successful workout:

  • Don’t hit the snooze button – it always seems like a good idea at the time but its a secret trick to keep you in bed
  • Put your alarm far enough away from you so that you HAVE to get out of bed to shut it up. I have put it down the hallway before.
  • Find a buddy – someone who will stick with you thick and thin and won’t let you down
  • Put your clothes and shoes out the night before, theres nothing like prior preparation to prevent PP
  • Get a sweat up and burn some fat that may have inadvertently deposited itself whilst out socialising

Oh, and just do it.