Mushrooms caught sun baking

mushroon dog

Vitamin D deficiency is thought to be the most common nutritional and medical condition in the world today affecting more than 50% of the global population. This issue has sparked much interest in Australia considering that we have such abundant sunshine and Vitamin D is synthesised under the skin in the presence of sunlight. Our Slip, Slop, Slap campaign has fortunately made us very aware of the dangers of too much exposure to the sun but it has limited our ability to produce adequate Vitamin D. It is very difficult to get enough Vitamin D through diet alone and most dietary Vitamin D comes from table margarine, canned fish and eggs.

Enter the tricky little mushroom. Check out my friend and colleague Glenn Cardwell and Fast Ed of Better Homes and Gardens talking about the unique ability of mushrooms to sunbake and make their own Vitamin D here. They’re clever aren’t they?

Image courtesy of Bree Smith

Are you being kept in the dark?

I truly believe that every day provides an opportunity for a new learning experience, sometimes when you least expect it. I experienced one of those last week as a guest of the Australian Mushroom Growers Association when I attended a professional development afternoon on the power of mushrooms. Mushrooms have long been touted as the ‘vegetarians meat’ but they are so much more than that.  Mushrooms have formed their own faction and are neither fruit nor vegetable and they evolved at a different time to plants.  Their savoury flavour is called ‘umami’, a Japanese term meaning flavoursome and most of this flavour comes from natural glutamates in the mushroom, meaning that you don’t need to add salt or flavour enhancers. Continue reading “Are you being kept in the dark?”