Sprint Finish

running sprint vs marathonA few nights ago I came to the end of my first month back at interval run training.  I say back, because prior to this, the last time I graced the springy grass track was over 10 years ago before I had kids.  It has hurt me big time, because for many years I have just been running. Training for 10, 21 and 42km events that have seen my pace pretty much stay the same.  Flatline. This year, I wanted to shake it up a bit and see if my legs could turn over a little faster. It seems they can. Going to intervals makes me anxious. I know its going to be hard and competitive. My heart and lungs will feel like they are about to jump out and run their own race.  But what gets me to the end of each gritty set, is the finish line and a short breather. These days we run our lives like a marathon event with no rest and no finish line in sight.  We just keep going without regularly stopping to recover and regroup, which dramatically impacts our quality of life and ability to stay at the top of our game. Research shows that our bodies work best with 90 minute cycles of work, followed by a brief break.  This means focusing on whatever your task may be for 90 minutes, reaching the finish line and then taking a 5 minute breather.  Your focus will be hugely improved, your energy levels will be stable and you will be amazed at what you can achieve.  It cuts down on distraction when you know there is a finish line just around the corner. Start thinking about your life as a sprint event not a marathon.  Sprinters give 100% because they can see the finish line.    

Load ’em up baby

Carbohydrate  loading.  Do you need it? Not for the 12 km but if you are trotting out for the 1/2 or full marathon, yes indeedy. Carb loading is effective for 24 hours prior to an event lasting longer than 2 hours and is calculated at a rate of 10 grams for each kg of body weight.  If you weigh 6okg then you are looking down the barrel at 600 grams of energy producing carbohydrate.

  • 2 cups cereal with 1-2 cups milk with 4 slices of toast with jam/honey
  • 4 tablespoons Sustagen Sport in 250ml milk with1 large cinnamon bun
  • 2 cups cooked rice or pasta with 150g meat/chicken or fish and vegetables or salad plus 1-cup jelly with fruit
  • 4 tablespoons Sustagen Sport in 250ml milk with 50 grams jelly beans
  • 150g meat, chicken or fish with 2 cups cooked pasta or rice plus veggies or salad
  • 1-cup jelly or custard with fruit

Carb loading always sounds so appealing on paper but is actually hard work in reality.  Boy, it makes a BIG difference on the day. Want to find out what to eat for breakfast on race day?  Check in tomorrow.

Run like the wind

Woohoo, I made it.  The Perth 1/2 Marathon that is.  There was actually never any doubt in my own mind that I would finish it, although I did have to give myself the toughen up talk a few times along the way.  I learnt a few things today. Continue reading “Run like the wind”