Lost and Found

Finding things can be very rewarding can’t it?  Personally, I think it is more rewarding when one is actually looking for the said ‘thing’. I wasn’t looking but an extra 3kg of body weight found me in May .  This special friend was prepared to travel internationally too and has gone to great lengths to stay close to me for as long as possible. Funnily enough, this does tend to happen when you consume more than 500 calories over and above your daily requirement for six whole weeks. Gosh, it was fun doing the searching though, with the assistance of pizza, gelato and good Perugian chocolate. Swimsuits and jeans.  Two words that can produce a frisson of fear in many women’s hearts. Purchasing either are two challenging tasks that most females will encounter every summer and winter in retail outlets and with three extra kilo’s on board, these tasks can become quite a test to personal endurance to say the least. Thankfully swimsuits are not a need at the moment but with winter here, jeans just have to be found. Enter the Butt Cam. This week after trying on sixty hundred pairs of jeans that ranged from butt lifters, tummy tuckers, flares, super skinny, super hippy and just super silly, my very attentive sales assistant at JeansWest suggested that I check myself out on the Butt Cam.  What the? I have clearly been out of the jeans loop for a couple of years as this unique innovation has been in store at Jeans West for almost two years. Its hard to say whether her suggestion was a subtle hint that perhaps I really shouldn’t be buying those jeans or she was just trying to be helpful. Either way, I considered ditching everything and running away as fast as I could to escape the dreaded Butt Cam. But just like sitting on the phone waiting to speak to someone from Telstra, time and effort had been invested and there was no backing out now.  Perhaps quite literally. Jeans were purchased despite declining the kind offer of a snapshot of my backside and all efforts to lose my new BFF continues.  To help us out, earlier this year the Australian Government launched the Swap It campaign characterised by the balloon man that we see frequently on our TV screens. They have some great resources and suggestions on how to swap foods and activities for others that will assist with fat and weight loss.  Go and check them out to avoid finding something you don’t really need or want.