Top of the Fibre Charts

muffins USA Have you ever tried psyllium husk? Strange they might be spelt but these husks are the portion of the seeds of the plant Plantago Ovata, a native of India and Pakistan.  These little fluffy husks are an indigestible source of soluble fibre and contain 70% more soluble fibre than oat bran, which is very impressive. The soluble fibre in psyllium husks decreases both total and LDL cholesterol by binding to them and taking them out of the body. Nice stealthy work psyllium. To decrease cholesterol levels, you would need to consume the equivalent of two teaspoons, 3 x day (10 grams in total).  Psyllium is quite powerful in the laxative department and is the only ingredient in the fibre product Metamucil. Psyllium may be of interest to you because Australians do not excel in the fibre department and we often don’t get the mix right either. Fibre is made up of soluble and insoluble fibre with the insoluble variety exerting the greatest influence on the large bowel to ensure your intestinal tract is working efficiently. This can be affected by stress, poor eating habits and not enough fluid. My first experience with psyllium husk was when I unwittingly added it to my oats prior to making them into porridge. I was rewarded with a bowlful of concrete. The husk itself can certainly be added to cereal but don’t wander off to have a shower or do something else as you will get to experience the concrete effect too.  Other people prefer to add their psyllium to a glass of water. If you are not keen on either, there is another option. One of my favourite products at the moment is Kellogg’s®All-Bran Fibre Toppers™. They are crunchy little ‘dots’ made with natural wheat bran, oat fibre and psyllium, providing an excellent source of fibre, which helps to promote a healthy digestive system. One serve provides 33% of your Dietary Intake for fibre and you can eat them alone or on top of your favourite cereal or swirled into yoghurt. fibre-topper-feature Don’t forget that fibre needs a friend.  To help it move down your intestinal tract, plenty of water is essential. P.S. For a delicious recipe including these psyllium friendly dotty things check out