Going to market

jamie stirling markets

We live in a world where relationships are often difficult to maintain let alone establishing new ones.We live in a world where it becomes harder all the time to truly connect with people like your neighbours and your community, wherever that may be. We live in a world where many of the opportunities to make these connections have been lost because we don’t make the time to stop and have a chat with those who live around us and online shopping has never been easier. My parents knew everybody in the street where I grew up and were on a first name basis with their greengrocer, butcher, baker, milkman and newspaper man. They knew where the food we ate came from and where it was grown and while these conversations were being had, they were connecting with the people who made up the fabric of their community.


Sunday morning is one of my favourite times of the week when I get to connect with my community with one or more of my own children coming along for the ride. I  get to have the conversations that my parents had when I go along to my local farmers market. I get to shoot the breeze with my friend Jamie while he runs the vegetable stall ,who can tell me where he gets his kale and silverbeet from or find out from my fruit man what time he picked his glorious oranges last night in time for market. Farmers markets all over the metro area here in Perth have really made their presence known on the fresh food scene over the past few years whereas other countries like Italy have been doing it for centuries. Clearly I am not alone in my desire to know where the food I buy comes from and not spend a fortune getting it.  I also love to support and connect with local growers, which becomes increasingly difficult in an age where large conglomerates rule the food world.   The produce I buy each weekend is fresh, vibrant, grown with love, hasn’t accrued too many road miles and saves me money. I get to feel good about what I am buying for my family because it is healthy and is kind on the budget, while my community swirls around me making connections.