Sunsets, swimming and summer bliss

Sunsets, swimming and summer bliss

I have just emerged (relatively) unscathed from four weeks of daily swimming lessons for Miss 7 and Miss 5 at the beach where I grew up.  It was just like being a kid again, with a few more responsibilities of course and rather than someone chasing me down the beach, I was doing the chasing. I won’t lie, we did have tears and I did have to pay one of them $1 per day to do the lessons. I get it, the beach can be and was rough at times and scary when the waves are bigger than you.  Nevertheless, swimming lessons must go on.  At $1 per child per day, with a heap of energy burnt in the water plus the playground, it is summer bliss.

Meanwhile January is stealthing past and with it for many people, New Year Resolutions.  I spent NYE on the shores of the Swan River running 5km with my kids and then enjoying the sunset.  I don’t make New Years Resolutions, although it did seem like a good time to make some being the beginning of  a New Year and all.

A national survey across the US recently found some interesting stuff.  They found that among those people who have made resolutions in the past, nine out of ten of them have made health-related goals. These goals included losing weight, eating less junk food and fewer calories.  But when it comes to making these resolutions work, 88% of the people surveyed indicated that they had failed with more than two thirds calling it quits within three months or less.

Hopefully you are still going strong with any that you have made but just in case you need some inspiration…

My Top 3 Tips for Keeping Health Goals on Track for 2011

1.  Map out your path – what are your goals, what do they look like and how will you get there?

2.  Buddy Up – having a friend to walk with or meet on early mornings or just someone to chat with when you need inspiration is the secret weapon to success

3.  Be a Scribe – write things down and keep a diary or journal detailing your journey, it makes you accountable too.

I dare you to break through the 3 month barrier.  Go on, you can do it.

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