How To Stay Calm By Staying Well When Everyone Else Around You Is Freaking Out

In our current world of stress, anxiety and uncertainty, the one thing you CAN control is how you look after yourself – what you choose to eat, how to move, when to get some shut-eye, how to deal with an overload of stress and remembering the good old mechanism of breathing - remember that one?

Judging by what is going on around us, there is a great need to gain control of all of these things.

I realised the need was far greater than me, so I’ve called in reinforcements – my good friend and mental health and wellbeing guru, Tasha Broomhall. Tasha holds a Masters of Science Psychology and is undertaking a PhD in Workplace Mental Wellbeing and quite frankly, she knows a LOT.

Tash and I often work together with leaders and their teams and if you think about how perfectly matched fish and chips are – well, that's us.

We both know that the need to look after oneself has always been paramount but now it’s crucial.

So we are doing something about it. Collectively.


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  • Wednesday 1 April 2020
  • 12.30pm PERTH
  • 3.30pm SYDNEY

Our aim is to kick off next Wednesday 1st April at 12.30pm (WST) with the first 'How To Stay Calm By Staying Well When Everyone Else Around You Is Freaking Out' webinar.

With more and more people each day heading home to set up office and work remotely, this is the ideal way to share a positive voice with practical solutions on staying healthy and productive.

We are going to share ideas on managing your physical and mental performance from your new office at home, tips on forging new routines in a bumpy environment and an update on what you can do to boost your immunity (and those around you).


It will also be a platform for you to ask questions and share your own thinking.

You will see some crazy coo-coo claims being made about what you should do to prevent or cure you from a viral infection.  It’s time to shut the door on the theories and listen to the experts.  Staying calm by staying well when everyone else is freaking out is not easy but in this webinar you will learn about all the stuff you need to do just that.

In this session from Julie you will explore:

  • Gut Health – your gut wall houses around 70% of the cells that make up your immune system, so your gut function is super important. Learn how to maximise your intake of pre and probiotics and boost all those high performing bacteria to your advantage.
  • Protein – Did you know that protein is essential for the repair and regeneration of cells and one of the front-runners for fighting infections? Discover how much you need and the best foods from both plant and animal sources.
  • Rest and Recovery – research shows that alternating between periods of intense focus and concentration and recovery is vital to a sustained state of wellbeing, as is good quality sleep. Explore what this actually means in practical terms and learn how to structure your day to ensure this happens.

About Julie Meek

She is an Accredited Practising Sports Dietitian, author, thought leader and keynote speaker in peak performance, particularly in business.

She has helped thousands achieve personal and business success through eating well and implementing the strategies of world-class athletes and performers at the top of their game. Julie has worked with many elite and professional athletes and is currently the High Performance Sports Dietitian for the Perth Glory A-League team.

Julie’s 20+ years of experience and qualifications enable her to deliver the most current and groundbreaking information available.  Julie is also the author of ‘truth, lies and chocolate’ (Finalist in the World Food Media Awards) and ‘Ready, Set…Go’.

She is the resident nutrition and performance expert on 6PR 882AM and her expertise is sought across all media channels.

Julie is mum to three, wife to one and truly understands the challenges of working at home whilst running a business and keeping everyone alive and well.

In this session from Tasha you will discover:

  • Holding space in uncertain times. How to acknowledge the enormity of what is transpiring, without being overwhelmed by it.
  • This is a time of significant challenge and uncertainty. How we connect and communicate is critical. Learn what you can do to keep connected with your team.
  • 5 practical steps to boost psychological wellbeing during times of challenge.
  • How not to strangle the other people in your ‘new’ home office.

About Tasha Broomhall

Tasha Broomhall has been providing mental health and wellbeing programs throughout Australia for 18 years. Tasha holds a Master’s of Science Psychology and is undertaking a PhD in Workplace Psychological Wellbeing. She is the founder and Editor in Chief of Blooming Minds magazine and the author of two books and two journals to promote personal and organisational mental health.

Tasha’s work has been recognised with the ICCWA Suicide Prevention Award and recently as a finalist in the LiFE Awards for Excellence in Suicide Prevention. Tasha is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer with the University of Notre Dame and a regular contributor to ABC Radio through the ‘Inside Out’ segment exploring all we need to know about mental health and wellbeing.

FREE Webinar: Wednesday 1 April, 12.30pm (Perth WA)

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