Your Team

Your Team

We can learn a lot about getting the most from your staff or team from the top professional football coaches. No, we are not talking about the yelling and screaming but they do know that what happens in the third quarter of a game will determine the end result, so if the team doesn’t follow a game plan to manage energy levels, it will affect their decision-making ability, concentration and endurance.

As a qualified performance specialist and Accredited Practising Dietitian, Julie Meek knows that keeping your team on the ball is really no different. Tackling productivity and profit through high performance health is a smart business strategy not a luxury.

The real cost of poor employee health

Woody Allen once said that 80% of success in life could be attributed to simply showing up. However, there is growing evidence in the workplace to suggest that Woody was somewhat optimistic. Research shows that ‘presenteeism,’ the problem of workers being on the job but not actually functioning due to fatigue and health issues (otherwise known as when the lights are on but no-one is home) can reduce productivity by one third or more. In fact, presenteeism can be far costlier than its counterpart, absenteeism.

And get this. Employees with poor health worked 49 effective hours on average per month compared with 143 effective hours per month for a worker of good health. Presenteeism alone costs the Australian economy in excess of $17.6 billion every single year. How much is it costing your business?

The right health strategies can revolutionise the output and performance of your staff and employees. Productivity, focus, creativity, motivation, problem solving…all of these factors can be significantly improved in a short amount of time just by focusing on health.

This is where Julie can help.

Let’s start by looking at your game plan

Julie can work with your team by providing presentations on many topics related to performance and well-being. These presentations can be run as individual sessions or as part of a Performance Package, which many savvy businesses choose.

The Performance Package includes four one-hour presentations, conducted by Julie on a quarterly basis over a 12-month period. This ensures the development of strong relationships, support and motivation resulting in real change for your team and the company.

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