Management (Leadership Performance Programs)

Management (Leadership Performance Programs)

Iridium is one of the rarest elements contained in the Earth’s crust. It’s also the most corrosive-resistant metal – a fitting analogy for Julie Meek’s series of performance-enhancing leadership programs for executive talent.

Leaders and elite athletes have a lot in common. They’re both exposed to stress, tests of endurance and consequences to health. Can you imagine making life changes that will provide the same performance enhancement for your leaders as it does for an elite athlete?

Executives are the ‘hard drive’ of a company and their performance is key to an organisation’s success. The consequences of their decisions ripple and magnify down through the company.

Tough economic times make companies vulnerable to the many uncontrollable factors that result in business success or failure. What can be controlled and influenced for significant gains in productivity and profit, regardless of the economic climate, is the health and performance of your leadership group.

Specialist coaching, education and mentoring on the integral factors that impact performance such as sleep, stress, nutrition, fitness, mental toughness and time management combines the most palpable, tangible and successful methods available.

This will enable the leaders within your company to reach their full potential.