Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Performance is a funny thing – it means different things to each of us and there’s no doubt it’s one thing to perform and yet another to achieve success.

It’s this link between performance and success that inspired Julie to discover what some of the world’s top performers do to enable them to be the best in their fields. Innate talent and motivation are common threads, but more often it’s the tactics and strategies they’ve developed and honed over the years that allow them to gain an advantage and stay at the top of their game.

As a keynote speaker in Australia and internationally, Julie understands the challenges you face as an event organiser and meeting planner. You want your delegates to apply the lessons they learn and rave about your event to all and sundry.

Julie Meek is a thought leader and keynote speaker in peak performance, inspiring and showing the audience how to achieve personal success through tackling all aspects of physical and mental health.

Julie can present your keynote, a breakout session or MC your event and with her messages being designed to inspire, motivate and educate, that’s exactly what they do.

As a conference presenter, she can work with an audience of 1000 right down to 1:1 and having presented to thousands of people in the past 15 years, Julie makes sure each presentation is customised, unique and on target.

Julie has the knack of establishing engaging and interactive connections with her audience through her wealth of knowledge, motivation and professionalism. Her body of knowledge can be tailored and applied to any industry.

As a Performance Specialist, Accredited Practising Dietitian and expert in health promotion – with over 20 years of learning, practising and coaching health and personal/business performance – Julie knows what it takes to live and perform at peak levels.