Fuelling Education

Fuelling Education

It’s scientifically proven that students with enhanced health and wellbeing have higher levels of focus, increased energy levels, fewer sick days, and higher self-esteem. They also perform better, are more motivated, study more effectively and achieve more of their goals.

For students

The reality is that tackling student performance through nutrition and health is not a luxury – it’s a smart educational strategy. Think academic excellence and performance, every teacher and school wants that.

In this presentation, students will discover essential tips on:

  • Optimising energy levels – how to get the brain and body buzzing
  • Practical tips on how to maintain endurance levels while studying
  • Keeping your body hydrated – what to drink and how much
  • What are the specific ingredients to aid concentration
  • Plus quick energy boosting recipes and handouts

Issues specific to your school group can also be incorporated. This may include topics such as body image and eating disorders, vegetarianism, bone health and sports nutrition.

For teachers

If you’re a teacher or coach in the area of sport, food or health – I’m betting you’ve seen your athletes and students run on empty. The frustration of them not knowing how to give their bodies the energy it’s so desperately craving. Wishing that you had the expert knowledge to assist them. Watching them fall asleep in class because they are so darn tired, or them feeling like they’re stretched so thin that something – their health, body and success at school might just snap.