Five Simple Tips To Energise Yourself Right Now

Five Simple Tips To Energise Yourself Right Now

How are you all going in the energise department right now?

Just to be clear about what this actually means, the definition of energise is ‘to give vitality and enthusiasm to.’

There are many factors that impact our ability to energise ourselves. Right now, I know that for many people, the physical distancing that we are required to do can be really tough.  If you are a world champion hugger like my mum (hi mum), then the absence of physical contact is a visceral loss.  This absolutely affects our energy is so many ways.

Along this journey of physical distancing, we have had to adapt and find new ways to do things.

I have gathered a few ideas that I thought might be handy to share.


1. Is Everyone An Expert?

No sirree. You may have noticed that the amount of information and news that is available to us 24/7, is quite simply overwhelming and at times SO depressing.  There are plenty of claims about magical foods, potions, pills and even infrared devices (give me strength) being able to cure COVID-19 but they just don’t.  

We can eat well, move everyday, get enough sleep and reduce our stress to stay healthy but there is nothing magical about that.  

An interesting view on experts by scientist Asker Jeukendrup, can be found here. It is a super interesting look at who to trust when filtering information about anything at all.

2. How To Energise Your Day By Staying On Track

When your daily routine gets disrupted, it is too easy to start drifting off into the sunset.  By the time you realise this has happened your train has quite literally derailed. Picking those good habits up and establishing routine again can be a struggle. For ideas on how to avoid this, you can check out this article that I shared with the Flying Solo business community about exactly that.

3. I Got To Move It, Move It

I felt super sad when my regular gym and yoga studio’s had to shut their doors.  Such a hard road for small businesses. In good news, so many of these clever, creative people have rapidly adapted and are now available online for the world to see. The perfect way to energise.


One of my favourites finds in the fitness space has been The Body Coach, Joe Wicks.  Coach Joe may look like and sound like Russell Brand (without the swearing) but he is a veritable ball of energy.  When schools in the UK closed down, he decided to run a PE class every week day at 9am for kids and their families. He has been doing this since mid March to huge live audiences but you can watch them anytime as they are recorded.  There are other types of classes available on his YouTube channel and there is something for everyone. I have been dragging the whole family into the toy room every afternoon at 4pm for Joe’s workouts.  I would like to say they do this willingly but I would quite frankly be lying.  

Once started, we have a great time laughing and sweating together BUT I do need to remind them that exercise feels best when it is OVER. Does it tick the energise box?  Yes, indeedy.

Don’t forget to get outside for some fresh air too.  


I have a few faves in the yoga department and that includes The Yoga Vine, North Beach Yoga, Nest Yoga and Yoga with Athanae.

There will definitely be a style of type of yoga amongst these three that will suit you because they are just fabulous.

4. Put Your Head In a Book

Right now is the ideal time to make your way through the pile of books that you always promise yourself to read.  Reading is one of my favourite things to do and although it is a non-moving activity, energise me it does.

Currently, I put aside 30 minutes each day to a non-fiction book for professional development and often read a novel at night.  Right now, I am reading The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner (watch this space for my round up on that one) and The German Girl by Armando Lucas Correa.  

Of course, there are audiobooks galore if they are your thing. Then there is Dymock’s Books who have just started a live author collaboration that you can listen to here.

For the wee ones, children’s author and comedian David Walliams, conducts a reading each day, which is highly entertaining and can be listened to here.

5. Around The World With A Spot of Culture

It is understandable if you are feeling a bit hemmed in, especially as travel is out right now.  Great news though, you can go wherever you like virtually. There are some amazing live streams (including bears catching wild salmon) that you can check out in real time right here.

Now for a spot of culture.  The Australian Museum and the British Museum are offering virtual tours of their collections from the comfort of your home with no admission fee either!

Staying well and energised in out current situation can be a challenge but there are many different ways of tackling both your mental and physical health. 

I would love to hear what you are up to and if there are ideas you have that others would benefit from – fire away!

6 thoughts on “Five Simple Tips To Energise Yourself Right Now

  1. You are a darling Julie. I am a champion hugger like your mum, when I can so you have that right. I love Joe Wicks and have done his 20 minute HIIT class and I am 70! you get so much done in 20 minutes. I will check out the ones you suggest. I just heard about the Australian Museum and can’t wait to have a look. It I put my books down, gather some self disciple, I may even get some house work done? 😡 so thank you, as always for your timely care. Mx

  2. This email’s goin’ straight to the Pool Room (read Special Archive) as there are so many great resources in those links you’ve embedded in it.
    Thanks Julie, drop in next time you’re in Albany!

  3. Hi Julie,

    Thanks for this.
    I have given yoga a go the last couple of weeks. Not going to lie, it aint pretty, but i am learning a new skill (and how inflexible I am!)
    To you and your family, take care!
    See you soon,

    1. I am SO impressed Gary! The inflexibility will continue to improve and in no time you will be a pretzel (lets hope!). All the best to you guys too 🙂

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