Rising Sea Levels

Rising Sea Levels

Whilst flicking through my local community paper last week I came across a very clever Letter to the Editor.  Mr Dick Percsy of Swanview was quite the comedian. According to Dick, “Media reports suggest that 60 per cent of Australia’s population is overweight or obese.  Other expert reports indicate rising sea levels. Is it possible that these two factors have bearing on each other?  In other words the continent is sinking due to the excess weight of the population and is threatening Perth’s beach-side suburbs.”

3 thoughts on “Rising Sea Levels

  1. I have already made a study of this:
    Beachside suburbs are not in danger due to the fact that the affluent local residents are statistically thinner than the lower socio-economic groups. Therefore we are more likely to see Midland and Armadale either disappear into a vortex – OR – that the obese inlanders will tilt the plates like a seesaw and lift the beaches higher out of the water.
    Result: Better views of Rottnest from Scarborough!

    1. Clearly you have done your research Dr Manuel, because the suburb phenomena is reflected in research that a West Australian expert has completed recently…..

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