Red, red wine

Red, red wine

We know that red wine is antioxidant rich, giving us a heart health benefit.  However, there is some talk about red wine only being beneficial if originating from some parts of France. Given that our family has a vineyard in Margaret River, I will wait to see some research before endorsing that piece of information.  The other hidden benefit that red wine has given me is a recent nomination in the World Food Media Awards.  My book was spotted at the vineyard by the Chair of the Awards, Ian Parmenter and I was asked to submit it.  ‘truth, lies and chocolate‘ has been nominated in the Best Health Book category and I am heading off to Adelaide tomorrow for the Award ceremony on Monday night. The competition is fierce but what a great opportunity. It is fitting that on the night I will help my heart and sip at my 100ml glass of red.

2 thoughts on “Red, red wine

  1. All the best Julie. I’m sure you’ll be successful as the book is written in such an entertaining style, full of info and planned to take you on a diverting tour through the landscape of nutrition. Re the red wine – 100ml isn’t nearly enough. You could put that in your eye and not notice!

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