Corporate (Audience)

Executives and management are the ‘hard drive’ of a company and their performance is key to an organisation’s success. The consequences of their decisions ripple and magnify down through the company.

The performance and productivity of leaders and their teams are both integral to the success of a business.

Management (Leadership Performance Programs)

Iridium is one of the rarest elements contained in the Earth’s crust. It’s also the most corrosive-resistant metal – a fitting analogy for Julie Meek’s series of performance-enhancing leadership programs for executive talent. Leaders and elite athletes have a lot in common. They’re both exposed to stress, tests of endurance and consequences to health. Can…

Your Team

We can learn a lot about getting the most from your staff or team from the top professional football coaches. No, we are not talking about the yelling and screaming but they do know that what happens in the third quarter of a game will determine the end result, so if the team doesn’t follow…