This year has placed unprecedented pressure on businesses and teams, as we've had to adapt to circumstances none of us could have imagined just a few short months ago. With these new circumstances come new challenges for managers, leaders and employers, that can be tricky to navigate. Like, how do you ensure your team members:

The health and wellness of employees has ALWAYS been important...

...because as all great managers know, business performance is driven by individuals' performance.

So if the individuals in your team aren't functioning well, then the business, by definition, cannot function well...

On the other hand, when those individuals are functioning at an optimum level - when they're sleeping well, eating right, moving their bodies and coping with stress - their output skyrockets and so does the business.

Of course, cultivating health and wellness in your employees can seem near impossible at the best of times... so how on earth are you meant to do it right now?!

About This Course

A series of FOUR online webinars to equip the most important people in your company - your team members - with the tools and know-how to upgrade their health, energy, mood, productivity and stress resilience, so they can come out of this crisis not just surviving...but thriving.

This is for a whole variety of reasons, ranging from DECREASED absenteeism and procrastination, to INCREASED concentration, productivity and effectiveness. 

That's why smart managers and employers want their staff to be in peak physical condition - both for the individual's benefits and for the benefit of the whole corporation. 

Workplace mental and physical performance is an area where the goals of workers and employers truly intersect. It's a win-win for everyone.

These webinars will help you and your team members BOTH achieve big wins, even amongst the uncertainty and anxiety of the current 2020 climate.

Once per month, for four months, you and your entire team or workplace are invited to join Julie online for a 60-minute LIVE webinar.

Your team will receive:


Step 1

4 x LIVE 60-minute webinars on nutrition, wellness and stress management techniques that will help them reclaim control of their health.


Step 1

Recordings of each webinar (so team members can watch at a time that suits them).


Step 1

All notes, worksheets and cheat sheets (to make taking action a cinch).


Step 1

The opportunity to ask questions and get feedback

Email Followup

Step 1

Email follow up after the webinars. (Got more questions? Simply shoot Julie an email).

As the manager or employer, YOU will receive:

Webinars will be held at 12:00pm AWST/ 2:00pm AEST on the following dates:

1.    Wednesday 26th August

2.    Wednesday 23rd September

3.    Wednesday 21st October

4.    Wednesday 18th November

(Recordings of each webinar will be automatically sent to every person registered after each session.)

* Note: If you'd prefer, you can also select specific webinars from the package, rather than all four webinars.

Here's what we'll cover:

Webinar #1: Getting into the Zone - How to Perform at Your Peak No Matter Where You Are

Adaptability is one of the hallmark skills us humans need for longevity, stress, resilience and peak performance. Of course, when life goes crazy - hello, Pandemic! - it can be difficult to adapt on the fly.

UNLESS that is, you've got a set of tools and strategies up your sleeve that you can rely on to see you through, sans stress and struggle.

In this first webinar, you'll discover the Top 5 ways to perform at your best and adapt in an unusual environment, including:

*  How to strengthen your immunity using science-backed methods that will set your body up to thrive.

*  Smart, realistic ways to stay active and keep strong and fit when your usual routine has flown out the window.

*  Sleep is your number one defence against almost anything right now. Find out how to get a truly deep night's sleep, even if you're prone to anxiety, racing mind or insomnia.

*  Schnack Time! Creative and super effective tips and tricks on how to structure your eating and snacking during the day to maximise energy levels whilst minimising distraction due to blood sugar blowouts.

*  Home Delivered - with take-away foods being one of the winners during isolation, it is now SO easy to get carried away with the convenience. However, there can be some fairly dire consequences... so what are the best options? And can Uber Eats help you achieve uber health?

Webinar #2: Find Your Edge

Every elite athlete wants to get the edge on their competitors. So does every business, especially now.

Do you possess the skills and tactics that are needed to manage your eating and lifestyle habits to get the best outcome for you?

This session is all about finding that edge and discovering the peak performance tactics and strategies that will give you the best ROI on your time and energy.

Your team will:

*  Learn how to develop a daily game plan to maximise energy management and productivity (that still leaves room for "life" getting in the way!)

*  Discover how to cycle between intense periods of work and rest for effective vs. efficient work

*  Learn how to design a 'Letter to the Future' - the ultimate way to set intentions during challenging times and achieve better physical and mental health going forward.

*  Find out just how important connection and communication are (and how they can save you from adrenaline overload, cortisol burnout and becoming a "stress head"!)

Webinar #3: The Power Couples - The Little-Known Combo's That Pack a Punch For Your Mental and Physical Health

You know Hamish and Andy? (What Aussie doesn't?!)

By themselves, they're pretty funny. But as a team? Suddenly the chemistry jacks up fifty notches and the two of them are HILARIOUS.

When it comes to your health, there are power couples like Hamish and Andy. On their own, one nutrient or strategy might give you a minor boost, but when you add in it's perfect match? Kapow. The effects suddenly go through the roof and you get a huge ROI for your health.

(Hint: these "power pairings" are something that elite athletes use all the time for peak performance, but which haven't crossed over to the mainstream yet. Consider them your secret weapons!)

In this session we will deliver into exactly how these power couples can enhance personal and team performance:

*  What easily-accessible vitamin matches with zinc to radically elevate your mental fitness and brain health?

*  What mineral should you take with Vitamin C to get more oxygen into your cells and feel way more energised?

*  What type of workout matches with which diet to get you the most bang for your buck in terms of time vs. results?

*  Which two common kitchen ingredients (bet you've already got them in your pantry) pack a huge anti-inflammatory punch and can support longevity and stress management?

*  Why is calcium alone not the best option for bone strength and what can you add in to power up your results?

Webinar #4: Brain Boost For Better Performance (And A Longer Life!)

So many aspects of modern life are harming our brains (as rising rates of dementia and degenerative diseases show.)

But the truth is, there's PLENTY you can do to care for your brain, enhance your mental performance...and even make yourself smarter.

This session is all about boosting your brain to maximise your ability to make smart decisions, communicate effectively and deal with the competing priorities that you are currently faced with on the work and home front.

We will be looking at:

*  Caffeine - how to use this effective (and delicious!) tool to power up your performance and energy when you need it, without negatively impacting your sleep or nervous system.

*  Brain Fuel - the mover and shaker nutrients that feed your brain and will give you maximum output.

*  The unexpected $2 brain booster you can buy at any service station or convenience store (and how to use this tool to enhance your concentration and get more done.)

*  How sugar will spike your energy but flatten your brain curve (and tasty alternatives that will ensure better mental performance and no crash!)

*  The two food groups that dramatically affect mood in a positive way and how to reap the benefits at your very next meal.

Julie is a vivacious speaker who has the knack of establishing engaging and interactive connections with her audience through her profound wealth of knowledge, motivation and professionalism. Feedback from our staff was overwhelmingly positive, who found Julie inspiring and empowering.

Step 1

Barb de Corti
Managing Director & Founder
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Presented by Julie Meek

Julie Meek is a Performance Specialist and Sports Dietitian.

After years of working with elite athletes to help them achieve peak performance on the sporting field, Julie realised there was a gap in the market for high performers of another sort: those who compete in the boardroom and office.

The same strategies, techniques and performance secrets that helped her elite clients turn in personal bests translated beautifully to the corporate arena. For many years Julie has worked with a diverse array of employees, teams, managers and CEOs to help them increase their energy, concentration, motivation, productivity and purposefulness, using the science and strategies of nutrition and sports performance.

As a mum to three teenagers, a wife, business owner, author and media personality, Julie knows what it's like to be busy and juggle work with other commitments.

That's why all the suggestions in these workshops are geared towards REAL people with REAL lives and REAL commitments...

And it's this 'real world' practicality that sees her clients experience REAL results.

Real world advice, from someone who "gets it."

One of Australia's leading workplace wellness experts and a hugely popular presenter, Julie works with companies like:

These online corporate webinars are your chance to inject Julie's expert strategies and techniques into YOUR workplace (and for a fraction of the usual price)

Enrol Your Team Now

Best Value Option - Full Webinar Series


(Usually $4000)


Create Your Own Package


(per webinar)

Speak with Julie and select individual webinars or create your own package ($1000/webinar)

Note: All prices are in AUD ex GST

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my entire team attend?

Yes. In fact, your entire workplace can attend these sessions. Once you've purchased this webinar series for your company, participant numbers are unlimited (making it unrivalled in terms of the impact you can create on the health of your entire staff, as well as excellent value for money.)

This seems like an exceptional price for professional development training - especially as unlimited numbers can attend. What's the catch?

No catch!

Like many in the world, I've pivoted to offering primarily online services.

The beauty of this format means I can serve more people at the one time.

That means I'm able to keep costs incredibly affordable for this kind of training. Which is important to me: I want this knowledge in as many hands as possible, so that as many people as possible have the tools to get through this unusual period with their physical and mental health intact and thriving.

When are the webinars held?

The webinars are held on the following dates:

Webinar #1 - Wednesday 26th August - 12.00pm AWST/2.00pm AEST

Webinar #2 - Wednesday 23rd September - 12.00pm AWST/2.00pm AEST

Webinar #3 - Wednesday 21st October - 12.00pm AWST/2.00pm AEST

Webinar #4 - Wednesday 18th November - 12.00pm AWST/2.00pm AEST

All webinars are automatically recorded during the live session, so you and your staff can watch the recording at a time that is convenient if they can't attend live.

How do my staff access the webinars?

You'll receive pre-formatted email invitations to send to all your team members, explaining how to log into the webinars.

After the live webinars, you'll also receive a link to the recording, which can be distributed to all team members so they can watch (or rewatch!) at a time of their choosing.)

The webinars can be watched on any device with an internet connection, either at home or the workplace with no need to download additional software.

What if my team can't attend the webinar live?

All live webinars are recorded, so you and your staff can watch the recording at a time that is convenient.

What if I only want to purchase one or two webinars?

Easy! While the webinars are designed as a series (and offer the best value when purchased as a package) you're welcome to select individual webinars if you prefer.

What happens after I purchase?

As soon as your booking has been taken and your payment has been processed, you'll receive a welcome email confirming your purchase and containing all relevant details, as well as a receipt for your records.

What if your team came out the other side of this global shutdown feeling better than they went into it?

What if, in as little as a month's time, your whole team was experiencing improved productivity and energy, resulting in better quality work, done in less time and with less stress?

What if your team had the skills and tools to reclaim their sense of vitality and become outstanding, energetic achievers - both in the workplace and in 'real life?'

These corporate webinars will equip your staff with the resources they need to power up and thrive, even in these unusual circumstances. Enrol your team today to start experiencing the benefits in YOUR workplace.

A healthy, happy, highly productive team starts here

Step 1

Julie's presentations attract an overwhelming number of registrations. This was testament to her positive and effective delivery style and the content itself. Julie's professionalism, topic knowledge and effective delivery are outstanding.

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Enrol Your Team Now

Best Value Option - Full Webinar Series


(Usually $4000)


Create Your Own Package


(per webinar)

Speak with Julie and select individual webinars or create your own package ($1000/webinar)

Note: All prices are in AUD ex GST

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