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Your Wellness Matters

A series of 4 online workshops to equip the most important people in your company — your team members — with the tools and know-how to upgrade their health, energy, mood, productivity, and stress resilience, so they can come out of this corona crisis not just surviving… but thriving.

Get Your Body Buzzing Express

Transform your health from inside and out in just 4 weeks!   Tell me, how do you feel?  Are you constantly low on energy? Does it seem like you’re always working really hard, but are only just keeping your head above water?  Do you constantly have that ‘tired but wired’ feeling – where you’re overwrought,…


Fuelling Peak Performance in Education

Professional development for teachers in health and physical education Would you like to know all the tips, tricks and expert knowledge that world-class athletes use to enhance their performance? All the insider nutrition secrets that you could apply directly to the students you educate every day? When you boost your health, you change your whole…

Fuelling Peak Performance

Want to perform like a world-class athlete… but not getting the results you want? Are you constantly pushing, but not seeing improvements in your performance? Are you struggling to figure out how to fuel your workouts and make it through the day without crashing and burning? Are you sick and tired of feeling like you’re…

Get Your Body Buzzing

  Are you constantly feeling low on energy? Does it seem like you’re always treading water and fighting to stay afloat, but never actually getting anywhere? Do you constantly have that ‘tired but wired’ feeling – where you’re overwrought, overwhelmed and just over everything? Let me tell you: there is more to life than just…

Get Your Body Buzzing – Corporate

An 8-week online program to enhance your team members’ health and transform your workplace. The right health strategies can revolutionise the output and performance of your staff and employees. Productivity, focus, creativity, motivation, problem solving… all of these factors can be significantly improved in a short amount of time just by focusing on health. Enhance your team…

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