Newsletter – Secrets of celebrity chefs

Newsletter – Secrets of celebrity chefs

Secrets of Celebrity Chefs

A group in the UK who call themselves the Fat Panel have recently put out a special report called the Guilty Secrets of Celebrity Chefs.

Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith do get some gold stars while many of the others get completely pasted. It would seem that many of the CC’s use far too much saturated fat like butter, cream and cheese and when I try some of them out, I do have to spend time modifying them. Although the report is written in the UK, the number of cooking shows that are available to us here in Australia would indicate that we experience a similar phenomenon. Check it out and judge for yourself.

Budget Stretchers

GFC or not, most people are always keen to save money. One of my subscribers, lets call him Marty, has come up with a fabulous idea to save money. His Number 1 Tip is to ‘take the credit card off your wife.’

Good luck with that. Now for some USEFUL ideas to save money while food shopping:

  • Get rid of bottled water and refill rather than keep buying. It takes 3 litres of water to produce 1 litre of bottled water not to mention the environmental impact of producing all that plastic. Plus tap water is free.
  • Pack your own lunch and save around $10 per day
  • Pack food in re-usable containers and avoid excess packaging
  • Don’t shop when you are hungry, you might find yourself detouring down the confectionery aisle
  • Buy foods like meat, fruit and vegetables, grains and nuts in bulk and store them in the pantry and freezer (If you need some help with where to find these, drop me a line)
  • Buy larger versions of a food and store in smaller containers rather than bulk packs, which contain 12 smaller versions all with individual packaging. For example; a large bag of sultanas as opposed to lots of small boxes.
  • Buy milk and bread on special and freeze for later use
  • Have a regular shopping expedition instead of many drop-ins, which saves you time as well as money and reduces the impulsive buying
  • Shop to a menu
  • And a great suggestion from another subscriber Alan, where applicable, eat less!

Market Leader


The largest chain of independent supermarkets IGA, have a great section on their website called Food 4 Life. Their website has hints, tips, recipe and meal ideas from IGA’s Dietitian plus a Kids in the Kitchen area too.

It is great to see a retailer with vision and providing a valuable service for their customers.

Let me know what you want to know!

We know that economic times are difficult. This exposes companies to the many uncontrollable factors that effect business productivity. Good news though. The health and performance of an organization can be controlled and influenced so you get significant gains in productivity and profit.

If you want to know how, give me a call or send me an email at

The best days go the fastest. Keep up and eat well.

Until next time,

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