Hooked on Chocolate

Hooked on Chocolate

I can imagine worse things than being hooked on chocolate.  Not so for poor Gary. Gary is a giant gourami fish recently inherited by the Sea Life London Aquarium, weighing in at 4kg with a secret little habit.  Upon arrival, his caretakers tried to feed him the usual things that fish eat only to find he wasn’t interested at all.  With some further investigation, they discovered that Gary had been brought up on Kit Kats by his previous owners and as a result turned his fins up at anything else.

Strangely enough, fish food is the first thing that comes to mind when I feed my fish, so how does one even arrive at deciding that a Kit Kat or two would be just the ticket for this creature?  Sure, I do love that so many great findings about chocolate (particularly the dark variety) are now populating our health news but extrapolating these results to the fish world is not my first impulse.

Naturally Gary’s new owners had to resort to stealth and subterfuge just as many parents do when trying to hide vegetables in new and interesting ways every day. In the quest of changing his fishy ways they secretly stuffed pieces of Kit Kat inside grapes to trick the gourmet Gary and so far it seems to be working.

An interesting concept and one that I might just try.  For some conversation on chocolate and 98 other food facts and fairytales, check out truth, lies and chocolate for an entertaining read and something that Dad’s might appreciate for Fathers Day.

Mr Gary Chocolate

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