Get Your Body Buzzing Express Module 2


You can’t cook and eat good food unless you’ve got great ingredients to work with. But way too many people go wrong at that very first stage – in the supermarket… which means that their efforts are destined to fail from the get-go.

To help you get the groundwork right, this week I’m teaching you the ins and outs of becoming a rock-star food shopper – and we’ll be doing it in-person, at a Perth supermarket. We’ll dive into:

  • Food labels demystified – my fool proof method for understanding food labels and knowing instantly whether something is a good choice or not.
  • How to take the stress out of shopping (including how to structure your shopping list, how to approach the store, and how to save loads of time).
  • How to shop healthy on a budget – where to spend your $$, where to save, and what to buy so you’re minimising wastage and maximising convenience.
  • “But I’m too tired to cook!” Get my cheat’s guide to the no-fuss supermarket options that take next-to-no-effort to prepare, and that won’t stunt your progress. (These ‘meal in a minute’ options are famous among my clients, and will ensure you keep progressing even when life gets crazy.)