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Tell me, how do you feel?

  • Are you constantly low on energy?
  • Does it seem like you’re always working really hard, but are only just keeping your head above water?
  • Do you constantly have that ‘tired but wired’ feeling – where you’re overwrought, overwhelmed and just over everything?!

If I’ve just described you to a ‘T’, let me tell you: you’re not alone.

And let me tell you something else: there’s more to life than just surviving.

In our crazy-busy world, we are pulled from one competing deadline to the next. We’ve got commitments coming out our ears, hectic schedules and financial concerns. There simply doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to get through your to-do list, let alone have the time to look after your health and energy levels!

To make things worse, the bad habits always seem to snowball: first exercise falls completely off the radar, then healthy food choices go out the window, then good-quality sleep becomes elusive and your stress levels go through the roof. You fall into bed each night exhausted, depleted, and wondering how on earth you made it through in one piece.

If you’ve been fighting this battle, you know what I’m talking about. In fact, you might have even forgotten that life can ever feel anything but tired and draining.


Imagine having the tools and tactics to:

  • Be more productive and get more done
  • Ditch the overwhelm and stress – for good
  • Experience your best health
  • Feel good inside your own skin
  • Bounce out of bed without scrambling for caffeine
  • And finally feel like you’re in control of your life, your health and your energy levels

…All without expensive pills, potions or false promises.

It’s all possible. You really can feel great, no matter how many balls you are juggling. In fact, you can get in your best shape EVER, no matter where you’re at in your life and no matter how busy you are.

Even better, it doesn’t need to take you endless months of struggle to turn things around.

Swift change is possible – you just need the right tools and the right strategies, so that you can make change the smart way.

Get Your Body Buzzing Express!

A revolutionary online program to help you transform your health and energy…


This is your opportunity to change your life, transform your health, and rediscover what it feels like to THRIVE – not just survive.

As a Performance Specialist, Accredited Practising Dietician and expert in health promotion – with over 20 years of learning, practising and coaching health and personal/business performance – I know what it takes to live and perform at peak levels.

After working with hundreds of elite athletes and high-flying corporate executives, I know what works, what doesn’t, and what it takes to reach the next level.

And now I want to share all of that information and strategy with you.

See, Performance Specialists often focus purely on athletes. Billions of research dollars are devoted to finding out the best way to go faster, harder, stronger.

But no one is applying all this incredible knowledge and wisdom to the people who need it MOST – the mums, dads, corporates, professionals, executives, and business owners who have SO MUCH to contribute to the world, yet who are struggling to be their best selves.

And no one’s doing it in a time-efficient manner that caters for people who are desperate for change, like, yesterday.

That’s why I created Get Your Body Buzzing Express.

I’ve developed a unique, easy-to-follow program that will teach you all the vital elements of managing your performance and wellbeing. It’s jam-packed with the insider tips, high-level expertise and seriously effective strategies that I’ve used to create amazing change in my clients’ lives for more than two decades. And now these tools can help YOU make massive shifts in your life too, and in a very short space of time.

The reason this is such a life-changing program is because of this one truth:

When you can increase your energy levels, EVERY OTHER PART of your life improves.

I’ve seen it happen time and time again, and now I want to share those secrets with you.


  • You feel drained all the time and are CRAVING more energy
  • You’ve tried to improve your health and wellbeing, but you just don’t know what to do or where to start
  • You feel like you’ve lost your ‘get up and go’, and you’re a little desperate to get your ‘mojo’ back!
  • Changing what you eat has been effective in the past, but you haven’t been able to sustain it (and you know there are other aspects of your life that need work too)
  • With the constant juggle of work, family and a zillion other commitments, you never seem to get around to looking after yourself
  • You feel like a mouse on a spinning wheel, with no time to reflect or regroup. You just want to get off the wheel and start getting ahead
  • You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. You just want to feel good again!

It doesn’t matter what’s holding you back – whether you’re tired, stressed, overweight, stuck, lacking motivation, or just don’t know where to start. This course will help you make the mindset shifts and cement the new habits you need to overcome your energy struggles and start living life at the level you know you should be.


Kicking off on Tuesday 1st May and running for 4 weeks, I will teach you how to utilise my lifestyle and nutrition secrets and give you the tools you need to perform at your best in all areas of your life – personal, business, everything.

You’ll get…

4 Life-changing Webinars

Each week, you can join in a live webinar where I take you through the course content. These webinars are informative, practical and packed with powerful tools and strategies that can be applied to your life IMMEDIATELY. If you are unable to attend the live webinar, you can catch up on the recording at a time convenient to you.

In-Person Supermarket Safari

Learn how Performance Experts shop – from the products we love, to the sneaky swaps we make, to the stuff we avoid with a 10-foot pole. If you live in Perth you will be able to join me in person at my local supermarket to learn all the tricks of the trade. (Don’t worry if you’re can’t make it though – I’ll be sending you an audio run-down of everything we cover to catch you up!)

My Eat, Energise, Repeat Recipe Book PLUS How to map a Meal Plan Guide

This eBook contains 25 easy-to-prepare recipes that are all quick to make, delicious to eat and chock-full of nutritional goodness. Combined with the meal plan guide, you’ll know exactly how to map out your food each week, helping you stay organised, motivated, and nutritionally balanced.

My Go-To Tools, Worksheets and Resources

Each week, you’ll receive a tailored workbook dedicated to each element of your performance. These are designed to help you implement what you’ve learned and start making SERIOUS changes to how you’re feeling.

A FREE Copy of one of my eBooks

To help you delve even deeper into your wellness journey, you’ll get a complimentary copy of one of my bestselling eBooks – Ready, Set…Go or Truth, Lies and Chocolate.

BONUS: Exclusive Membership to our Private GYBB Facebook Page

One of the big secrets that every wellness expert knows is that the power of community is one of the KEY FACTORS in creating – and sustaining – change. Support is critical, and this Facebook group will be filled with like-minded people on the exact same journey as you. You’ll be able to share your experiences, tell your story, and celebrate your wins. And, of course, I’ll be in there to share my insights, give advice, and answer all your burning questions.


That’s why we only focus on the things that really move the needle – the secret nutritional weapons and strategies that have the most impact and make the most difference.


Module 1: Peak Heath and Nutrition 101

In our first week, we’re getting up close and personal with your own daily performance levels. We’ll be looking at:

  • How to create a blueprint for your own personalised eating program (because one size DOES NOT fit all!)
  • How to monitor and manage your ‘energy in’ versus ‘energy out’, PLUS how to cycle your energy.
  • The truth about calories, kilojoules, micro’s and macro’s (What really matters? What’s not worth worrying about? We’ll get to the bottom of it – and bust a few myths in the process!)
  • Expert strategies for recovery and renewal (this stuff is so overlooked in stock-standard programs, even though elite athletes swear by it).
  • How to design your own daily, weekly, and monthly game plan, so that you know exactly how to get where you want to be. (Includes personal assistance from me, with all tools and templates provided.)

Module 2: Supermarket Safari

You can’t cook and eat good food unless you’ve got great ingredients to work with. But way too many people go wrong at that very first stage – in the supermarket… which means that their efforts are destined to fail from the get-go.

To help you get the groundwork right, this week I’m teaching you the ins and outs of becoming a rock-star food shopper – and we’ll be doing it in-person, at a Perth supermarket. We’ll dive into:

  • Food labels demystified – my fool proof method for understanding food labels and knowing instantly whether something is a good choice or not.
  • How to take the stress out of shopping (including how to structure your shopping list, how to approach the store, and how to save loads of time).
  • How to shop healthy on a budget – where to spend your $$, where to save, and what to buy so you’re minimising wastage and maximising convenience.
  • “But I’m too tired to cook!” Get my cheat’s guide to the no-fuss supermarket options that take next-to-no-effort to prepare, and that won’t stunt your progress. (These ‘meal in a minute’ options are famous among my clients, and will ensure you keep progressing even when life gets crazy.)

Module 3: Letting Loose

Life doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Which means that even if you’ve got the best of intentions (and a fridge full of veggies) at some point, life is going to get busy, birthdays and events are going to come up, and you’re going to want to let loose with your eating.

So this week? I’m guiding you through my absolute best strategies for taking your nutrition plan ‘on the go’ in the real world. You’ll learn:

  • How to eat out – NO ONE wants to give up delicious meals in restaurants or cafes, so I’ll be teaching you my fool proof method for eating out and staying healthy (includes bonus checklist)
  • Everything alcohol – The good news is, you don’t have to give up wine and beer forever (hallelujah!). We’ll delve into the big questions: How often can you drink? What are the healthiest choices? And how can you improve your drinking habits without feeling like you’re missing out?
  • How to undo damage! So you’ve fallen off the wagon, you’re feeling awful, and you’re worried you’ve ruined everything… Here’s how to get back on the health horse – and get back to experiencing results.
  • The biggest food secret of elite athletes and supermodels (How are they always so prepared and organised? How do they cope with the unexpected? And how can you learn to do it too?)

Module 4: Next Level Nutrition

When you’ve worked in the area of peak performance for as long as I have, you learn so many awesome hacks for feeling amazing and boosting energy – and now all that hard-won knowledge can be yours!

This final week is all about learning how to be a full-blown nutritional ninja, and reaping the sky-high benefits of strategic foods and habits. You’ll discover:

  • Hydration as a hack – using water to stay alert, satiated, clear-skinned and more (and why this ‘liquid gold’ is so essential for your energy levels).
  • The drinks that support wellness and weight loss… and the ones that will sabotage ‘em. (Includes a full run-down on coffee, tea, energy drinks, and soft drinks.)
  • Essential minerals for maximum energy. These often-overlooked substances are the ‘secret weapon’ nutritional tips I share with my elite clients. If you’re frequently tired and lethargic, there will be an answer for you here. (Includes daily intake advice, best sources, and recommended supplements.)
  • Eat for your brain – including how to use nutrition to get rid of brain fog, foods for mood and longevity, and hacks for maximising your mental performance.

You’ll walk away with…

  • The actual tools and strategies you need to transform your physical and mental energy
  • Enhanced health and wellbeing – so that you look and feel better, inside and out
  • The PRO mindset tools and tricks to create change, and then maintain it
  • Expert tips on losing weight – and keeping it off, for good. (Get this stuff right and you’ll never have to diet again)
  • Increased motivation and productivity, so that you’re getting more done every day and feeling better while doing it
  • The tips, tricks and insider secrets that will take your performance to the next level


Money Back Guarantee

It’s never too late to transform your health.

And this program will teach you how to do it, no matter how busy you are.


I’m really busy with work and/or family commitments. Is this program right for me?

The truth is, the crazier and busier your life is, the more you’re going to benefit from these techniques. You can’t always control or predict what life throws at you every day, but managing how and what you eat, your fitness, sleep habits and stress levels gives you an edge, a look and a feel that others will wish they had. When you feel and look better, life seems a whole lot easier. You have a sharper mental focus and will be physically in the best shape of your life.

I’ve got a big event on during the 4 weeks of the course, and I’m worried I’ll fall behind. Should I still enrol?

Yes! The course is delivered over 4 weeks, but you can download and access the content at any time after that. So it doesn’t matter if you’ve got something going on – travelling, planning a wedding, whatever – you can still enrol in the course now and complete the content in your own time.

How much time do I need to allocate to the course each week?

Going through all the materials should take you less than an hour each week, but of course, you can invest as much time as you need. And keep in mind, you don’t need to get it done at the same pace that the course is delivered (you’ll have lifetime access to the content), so there’s no need to worry about falling behind or running out of time.

I’ve been out of shape for a long time. Is the course suitable for people like me?

Definitely. All the tools and strategies that we go through in the course are designed to suit people at varying levels of health, energy and performance. Where appropriate, I give you options to adjust and scale the strategies for your particular level of experience or fitness.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Absolutely. I’m incredibly proud of this course, and am confident that you’ll get amazing value out of it. That’s why I offer a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the content, simply send me an email by the end of week three of the course, and your entire enrolment fee will be refunded (minus a small fee for processing).

How is the course delivered?

This online course is delivered over 4weeks, kicking off on Tuesday 1st May. Each week’s content includes a weekly webinar and a comprehensive workbook, all of which are compatible with both PC and Mac Systems.

Live webinar

A live webinar will be conducted at 7.30pm (AEST) on the Tuesday of each week. (Don’t worry if you can’t make the live version! The webinar will be sent to you afterwards, so that you can replay it whenever you like, as many times as you like.) I’ll be taking you through the topic of the week – explaining the concept, and going through the ins and outs. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask questions during the webinar (as well as via email and the Facebook group). These sessions are informative, practical and powerful, with tools and strategies that can be applied to your life immediately.


Each week, you’ll receive a tailored PDF workbook, dedicated to each element of your performance. You can download this onto any device.

Supermarket Safari

If you’re in Perth for Module 2, you’re welcome to join me for our in-person shopping experience at a local supermarket. Those who can’t make it won’t miss out though – you’ll receive an audio rundown of everything we cover on the night.

Facebook Group

Once you’ve enrolled in the course, you’ll receive details on how to request an invitation to join our private Facebook group. This is an exclusive group for GYBB Express members, and will be a space for support, discussions and sharing the journey.

Email Support

You will have unlimited email support from me whenever you need it, for the duration of the course.

If you’re ready to take your health – and your life – to the next level, this is for you

Say goodbye to your energy slump and rediscover your get up and go



My life has changed forever since I was introduced to the ‘Get Your Body Buzzing’ program. I really enjoyed being part of the ‘Get your Body Buzzing’ Program.  The person who lived here prior to March 2015 is gone and replaced by a newer, fitter, healthier and happier person.

Julie has inspired me to change myself into the person I have always wanted to be and the GYBB program has given me the tools to commit and do what I have never been able to do before. Challenge yourself. You are more than you believe you are. Thank you Julie, I will be forever grateful.

Jenelle Stubberfield

I really enjoyed being part of the ‘Get your Body Buzzing’ Program.  I was a bit unsure whether it would help me at the beginning but half way through the first session, I began to relate to things, and have never known one and a half hours to go so quickly. I have three young boys under 10 and teaching them to make healthy food choices and have a regular exercise routine, sends a strong message. I would certainly recommend this program to my friends, as I have reaped the benefits and made some very healthy changes in my day to day living not just for me but for my family too.

Ellie Munt

Julie has worked extensively with people we admire, the kinds of people who have built successful, satisfying lives by learning how to be good at doing what they love. Their wisdom and lessons are for all of us.

Ros Thomas

Julie is a vivacious speaker who has the knack of establishing engaging and interactive connections with her audience through her profound wealth of knowledge, motivation and professionalism. Her particular focal points include health and wellbeing in which she delivers enlightening but practical and realistic advice.

Barb de Corti
Managing Director and Founder, ENJO Australia


Do you want to be bursting with vitality, sporting clear glowing skin, and radiating energy out of every cell?!

Or would you rather be slumped over your desk… reaching for another coffee… and wondering whether life ever gets better?

The choice – as always – is up to you.