Gluttony Glee

Gluttony Glee

Is there a switch in our brains that goes off when we stand in front of a buffet table laden with food?  The switch that turns you into a slobbering dog that needs to taste every little thing in front of you and then some.  Ooohh, I have 1cm left in my massively extended stomach, I think I will just have my tenth piece of cheesecake to make sure it is truly filled up. I don’t like buffets or the all you can eat deals, they make me anxious.  Not because I don’t know what to do (I know all too well) but because the thought of a bloated Christmas style stomach is just too much to bear. A couple of years ago while holidaying in Singapore we booked in to the Ritz Carlton for their super deluxe lunch buffet.  We stayed for 5 hours.  Sure, that does sound excessive but it was completely necessary in order to navigate ones way around the massive room.  I am certainly not proud of my performance that day and I still don’t like to dwell on the delightful feeling that accompanies eating more than your body weight in one sitting. So what to do?  Well, you can choose not to go.  However, if it is unavoidable I like to think of myself as having a laser beam on my head scanning the sumptuous feast.  I do a drive-by of the whole thing to work out what I REALLY want to eat and then snub the rest.  I try really hard to put only little bits of each on my plate and then have a little chat with myself about whether I truly need vs want to go back to get more.  I know this sounds like a little too much psychoanalysis but it really only takes a second and I am a strategy kind of girl. Plus it saves spending the rest of the day lying on the floor rolling around in agony. Anybody got any good anti-gluttony strategies they would like to share?

2 thoughts on “Gluttony Glee

  1. Become a vegetarian, glutten free, dairy free eater – there will be so little left to choose from you’ll hardly be able to fill the dessert plate.

    Seriously though, I recently spent five months eating that way and although I eat everything in moderation now (except meat!), it made me realize just how wheat dependent our diet is. It has made me get a lot mire imaginative with other grains like quinoa and oats. I’ll be buying amaranth next!! I hear that is quite tasty and very wholesome!!! Can’t remember the last time I saw quinoa or amaranth on a buffet table!!

  2. On Christmas day I allow myself to eat (and drink) as much as I like for lunch … BUT … I must complete a 30-km bike ride in less than two hours before I allow myself to eat anything in the evening. The bike ride is around the same course each year — a very hilly, windy country road, so there is no cheating by choosing a flat course. I find that this has a moderating effect on the amount I eat and drink at Christmas lunch (and probably at dinner too). Perhaps others could choose a two-hour walk in the park (or similar) if the bike ride doesn’t appeal.

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