How to get into your best shape EVER no matter where you are in your life or how many balls you are juggling


If you've ever struggled to maintain motivation and momentum, this is for you

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  • Thursday, 5 February 2015
  • 7.30pm Perth AUSTRALIA
  • 10.30pm Sydney (AEST)
  • 11.30am London
  • The BEST way to plan a successful 2015, using the tried and true strategies of elite athletes to help your reach your goals
  • The ultimate blueprint for optimal nutrition, so that you can lose weight, increase your energy levels, and get skin that glows from the inside out. (Includes my top tips for using fibre to fast track your weight loss, PLUS the secret sugar-bombs that are keeping you fat)
  • The truth about creating exercise habits that stick. (If you’ve ever struggled to maintain motivation and momentum, this is for you.)

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I really enjoyed being part of the ‘Get your Body Buzzing’ Program.  I was a bit unsure whether it would help me at the beginning but half way through the first session, I began to relate to things, and have never know one and a half hours to go so quickly. I have three young boys under 10 and teaching them to make healthy food choices and have a regular exercise routine, sends a strong message. I would certainly recommend this program to my friends, as I have reaped the benefits and made some very healthy changes in my day to day living not just for me but for my family too.

Ellie Munt

Julie has worked extensively with people we admire, the kinds of people who have built successful, satisfying lives by learning how to be good at doing what they love. Their wisdom and lessons are for all of us.

Ros Thomas
Journalist and Columnist for The West Australian