Get Ready, Get Set and Go

Get Ready, Get Set and Go

Hello to my lovely community,

You may have been reading my blog for a few days, a few weeks or even a few years.  No matter how long you have been part of my gang – I thank you for being part of it.

If you have been here for a while you might have noticed that recently, my blog posts have been a little sporadic and infrequent at the best of times.

I really do love to write but over the last couple of years, I have written less and less as other parts of my business have taken up more and more time.  The thing is, one of the best parts of writing for me is interacting with my readers (that’s you) and providing you with solutions, ideas and inspiration in your quest for your best self and wellbeing.


I created this blog because I understand on a personal level how hard it can be to look after your mental and physical well-being.  Nobody is perfect all the time and only a robot would be able to eat well at every meal and snack, get eight hours of sleep every single day, not get stressed about anything at all and be blissfully mindful about every little bit of your life.

And that is why I am writing to you on a Friday afternoon as I am considering pouring a glass of wine (small I promise) to go with some lovely cheese as the week comes to an end.

This blog is about to be rebooted, reset and rejigged so that we can talk on the regular about all the aspects of living a healthy life that are important to you in a practical,  realistic way. Lets not forget that life can be busy, hectic, stressful and sometimes full of barriers that sometimes stop you from living your best life.


Every week from here on, you will hear from me about my favourite recipes (obviously only quick and easy ones), new food products that you might like to try, fitness tips and tricks, mindset strategies, facts vs. fairytales and practical solutions on managing your sleep, stress and nutrition.

I’d like to hear about what tickles your fancy in the world of health and well-being and I’d like to give you inspiration and motivation, new information and hope that you can actually do this thing – all with a bit of humour, because really we all need that don’t we?

Lets do this!




16 thoughts on “Get Ready, Get Set and Go

  1. Julie I love to receive your posts. I am 78 years of age I get so motivated and back on track over reading them. You are so inspiring keep up your good work of living life senseably Joan

  2. Super excited about this Julie! Looking forward to me weekly read 🙂
    Ps Was thinking about how easy it is to practice mindfulness doing Pilates this morning. Cleared my mind for the day ahead 🙂

    1. I agree Lizzie! Best to make the most of the time when we are already ‘captured’ so to speak and clearing that mind is so important.

  3. Hi Julie,
    Dad’s a porker girls are vegan.. lol…
    Without boring you too much I will just give you an example of 2 weeks of my roster which will give you a picture of my wonderful life of 35 years as a locomotive driver. (Not being sarcastic as I love my job.) I drive locomotives, freight and the Indian Pacific from Perth to Kalgoorlie & return and do local work as well.
    Sun 0310/1135 prep IP for dept
    Mon 0900/1700 fuel loco’s
    Tues/Wed off days
    Thurs 1330/2200 shunt work Kewdale yard
    Fri 2230/1030 freighter Perth to Kalg
    Sat hotel sleep in Kalg
    Sun 0515/1715 freighter Kalg to Perth.
    Mon,Tues,Wed 0600/1400 fuel loco’s
    Thurs,Fri off days
    Sat 1500/0245 freighter Perth to Kalg
    Sun 2100/0900 freighter Kalg to Perth
    Mon finish at 0900 from Kalg.
    Tues 0600/1400 shunt yard Kewdale.
    Wed 1535/0335 freighter Perth to Kalg
    Thurs 1205/0005 freighter Kalg to Perth.
    The above just gives you an insight into my shifts that has blown my body clock to smithereens. I’m 55 140kg 191cm overweight of course and wondered if you have a clinic where i could use you professional services for advise?

  4. Hi Julie,
    I am looking for healthy quick recipes with less emphasis on meat – suitable for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Also healthy snacks that are not too expensive. Also interested to read nutrition info.

    1. Thanks Jennifer – I am always looking for new recipes, especially those with less or no meat so they will definitely be coming your way. I hear you about budget friendly snacks too!

  5. Would love more recipes to keep up with my allegiance to gut health.

    Also would love to hear your take on short interval & high intensity exercise. I am 70, fit & have a good exercise routine but especially during the heat have found it difficult to get an aerobic workout.. I’m over gyms & like to exercise at home.

    1. Thanks Jan – there is upcoming post tomorrow on gut health and the interval exercise at home is on the list too – stay tuned.

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