"How to fuel for peak performance"

3 simple strategies to maximise the results of your students in their chosen sport

Join me  on 4th April to find out how

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Join Julie Meek, performance specialist, author and professional speaker for a FREE Online Workshop



  • Monday 4th April
  • From 9am PERTH

Top Four reasons to listen to this FREE webinar:

  • Transform your physical and mental energy, so that you can STOP crashing and burning
  • Learn how to have enough energy to kick butt in training AND still rock your personal and professional life
  • Discover how to HACK your nutrition to give yourself a competitive edge
  • How to avoid the BIG nutrition mistakes that trip so many athletes up

This is your opportunity to change your life and discover how to achieve your personal best – not just during training, not just on race day, but for every single day of your life.

My proven formula is  100% achievable, no matter what age, what sport, or what level you’re at. You really can start achieving your best results EVER – and feeling really good while you’re doing it…

FREE Webinar: available online from Monday 4th April. Register now to gain access.

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you