Fuelling Peak Performance in Education

A 6 week online program to optimise YOUR nutrition knowledge and skills and maximise the results of YOUR students and athletes

H and PE Professional Development Opportunity

No relief required


When you boost your health, you change your whole life.
Most of us know this to be true in our personal lives, but did you know that the same thing applies to your students that you teach and instruct on a daily basis?

Because you are already educating others on health you know that the right health strategies can revolutionise the output and performance of your students. Productivity, focus, creativity, motivation, problem solving… all of these factors can be significantly improved in a short amount of time just by focusing on health.

This might seem like wishful thinking, but it’s full-blown fact.
It's been scientifically proven that those with enhanced health and wellbeing have higher levels of focus, increased energy levels, fewer sick days, and higher self-esteem. They also perform better, are more motivated, study more effectively and achieve more goals.

The reality is that tackling student performance through nutrition and health is not a luxury – it’s a smart educational strategy. Think academic excellence and performance, every teacher and school wants that.

Of course, it’s can be difficult to gain expert knowledge and skills in nutrition as a teacher.
Getting you and your staff involved in professional development can be tricky. Time away from teaching, the expense of providing relief staff, difficulty in accessing programs if you’re located in a regional or remote area, motivating and engaging them, the logistics of organising it, access to credible professionals in specific areas of expertise and – of course – the ever-present budgetary constraints. It can be easy to put it all in the ‘too hard’ basket and hope that what you already know will last a bit longer.

When it comes to trying to get nutrition sorted and optimised… well, things can get confusing pretty quickly. There’s so much misleading information out there, so many quacks without the science to back up their claims, and one wrong move can really knock you off track.

With obesity levels at an all-time high in adolescents, it’s never been more important in your role, to gather as many tools as possible to assist these young adults to be the best they can be. No matter where they are at, occasionally active or elite athlete and no matter what the sport or activity is, nutritional needs are different to the average Joe.

You wouldn’t fill up a race-car at the servo down the road and expect it to perform at its peak. Likewise, in sport, athletes need to make sure they are not compromising their performance through sub-standard nutrition or lacklustre health strategies.

See, when you’re pushing your body to the limit, the smallest things can have a massive impact: eating too much or too little, not getting enough of the right nutrients, not allowing your body enough time to recover…

Getting to the finish line is one thing, but doing a PB is quite another.

But fuelling a body for peak performance doesn’t need to be hard.

Imagine having the expert tools and techniques to .....

  • Design a nutrition game-plan that’s uniquely tailored to an active individual
  • Figure out the optimum way to eat – when, where, and what
  • Stabilise and boost energy levels – all day, every day
  • Know the difference between quick and slow fuel
  • Choose the best foods and fluids to have before and after sport
  • The best way to prepare for competition and make the most of the training ground
  • Where supplements fit in and which ones actually DO something
  • How to get your athletes and students engaged and interested in fuelling their bodies
  • How to stay at the top of the game every time

…  All without expensive pills, potions or gimmicks

It’s all 100% achievable, no matter what age, what sport, or what level they are at. As a teacher or their coach, you can really help your charges start achieving their best results EVER.

But to make it happen, you need the expert tools, strategies and guidance that can take you to the next level.

That’s where this program comes in…


Fuelling Peak Performance for Education

A 6 week online program to optimise your nutritional knowledge and skills to maximise the results of your students and athletes

This is a 6-week online program that will walk you through everything you need to know about optimising performance through nutrition, lifestyle, and energy management. Everything is designed to be accessible, achievable and fully customisable to your unique needs.

This program has been a long time coming.

As a qualified sports dietitian, I’ve spent the last 20 years working with world class and Olympic athletes in sports like football, cycling, basketball, netball, and gymnastics, PLUS endurance events like marathon running, ironman, triathlon, swimming, tough mudders, and adventure racing. I’ve also been working with secondary teachers, coaches and students since the get go.

Through a combination of nutrition, lifestyle and mindset strategies, I’ve helped these devoted performers achieve success and become standouts in their fields.

And after so many years in the trenches, I started noticing that every new client I was working with was experiencing variations of the exact same problems.

These incredibly passionate people would be leaving their blood, sweat and tears on the gym floor, but then coming home and not having the energy to do anything else.

They’d be pushing harder than ever in their training, but not seeing any results on game day.

And though they loved their sport through and through, they were struggling to keep all their balls in the air and not get buried under all the other stuff they had to do.

Sound familiar?

If you’re a teacher or coach in the area of sport, food or health – I’m betting you’ve seen your athletes and students run on empty. The frustration of them not knowing how to give their bodies the energy it’s so desperately craving. Wishing that you had the expert knowledge to assist them. Watching them fall asleep in class because they are so darn tired. Of them feeling like they’re stretched so thin that something – their health, body and success at school might just snap.

And I’m betting you also know these truths:

Your athletes and students perform better when they’re looking after themselves. They achieve more when they’re in a good headspace. They feel better when they’re giving their bodies the nutrients it needs. And they’re better performers on game-day when they’re doing well in the rest of their lives.

But how do you find the sweet spot where all those elements come together?

That’s where this program comes in. In fact, that’s why I created it.

Because I know the unique needs of athletes and students. Because I hate seeing people putting it all on the line, but not getting results. Because none of us have the time (or energy) for endless trial and error. Because there really are principles that can be applied to boost energy levels and performance. Because nutrition really can make a heck of a difference.

And because it truly is possible to kick butt in your chosen sport, feel good while you’re doing it, and still have energy leftover for the other important things in your life.

This course will help you guide your students so that they can say goodbye to uncertainty, fatigue and poor performance.

This unique program will help YOU educate your athletes and students how to:

  • Transform their physical and mental energy
  • Complete training sessions without hitting the wall
  • Be able to manage competing priorities/demands with ease
  • Experience the benefits of a tailored nutrition plan
  • Get study and sport done without needing a good lie-down (or a giant cup of coffee!)
  • Be able to achieve at school without falling asleep

This is your opportunity to change the lives of your charges and help them discover how to achieve their personal best – not just during training, not just on race day, but for every single day of their lives.

Here's how it rolls.....

Over 6 weeks, you’ll learn how to fuel bodies for peak performance by utilising the key components of sports nutrition, as used by champion athletes and elite performers all over the world.

Our journey kicks off on the 9th May. Each week, you’ll receive:

  • A Results-Oriented Webinar

    Each week, I’ll be taking you through the key concepts and nutritional components of our focus topic. These webinars are informative, practical and potent, with tools and strategies that can be applied immediately and can be watched and replayed whenever you like.

  • My Go-To Tools, Worksheets and Resources

    For each module, you’ll receive a tailored workbook dedicated to each element of performance – daily school life, training and competition. These are designed to help you implement what you’ve learned and start seeing SERIOUS results.

  • A FREE Copy of one of my Books

    To help you delve even deeper, your school will receive a complimentary copy of one of my bestselling Books – Ready, Set…Go or Truth, Lies and Chocolate for the school library.

Here's what we'll cover...

  • Week 1 - Getting Ready

    In our first week, we’ll be laying the groundwork. It’s not just what goes into your body; it’s also about habits, mindset and beliefs. We’ll be exploring:

  • The foundations of peak performance – what it is, why it’s so important, and how it applies to their life.
  • How to use the principles of champions to enhance performance, to achieve more in both sport and daily school life
  • The 4 critical steps required to achieve competence in any new behaviour or skill
  • The tried-and-true strategies for removing barriers to success
  • Week 2 - Getting Set

    This week, we’re getting up close and personal with daily performance levels, because we all know: how athletes show up in training sessions is how they’ll show up on game day. We’ll be looking at:

  • The major factors that impact productivity and output, including nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress and mental health
  • How to monitor and manage ‘energy in’ versus ‘energy out’, PLUS how to cycle energy (without the 'hit and miss' guesswork)
  • Expert strategies for recovery and renewal (a factor that’s so often forgotten in nutrition and exercise programs)
  • How to design daily, weekly, monthly and annual game plans, so that you know exactly how to get your students where you want them to be. (Includes assistance from me, with all tools and templates provided.)
  • Week 3 - Hacking Before and After: Pre and Post-Exercise Nutrition

    You can only push hard when you’ve got the right energy in your system. And you can only recover when you’re giving your body the right building blocks to renew and replenish itself. This module is all about getting strategic about those key windows for nutrition intake. We’ll get to the nitty-gritty of:

  • The secrets behind timing, quantity and quality (which is likely NOT what you’ve been told before)
  • Practical tips on meals, snacks and products – because there’s no point in unachievable, time-consuming or expensive food suggestions
  • Getting micro on macros: The real truth about fat, protein and carbohydrate consumption – how much, how often, and how to tweak it to achieve goals
  • Week 4 - All Systems GO: Nutrition for Competition

    A quick Google on ‘performance nutrition’ will have you trawling through thousands of drinks, gels, powders, potions and magic formulas. But what do the pros really use? What does a growing body truly need during these high-pressure situations? And how can you avoid the common mistakes that way too many athletes make? This week we dive into the topic you’ve been waiting for: eating to win. We’ll cover:

  • What, when, and how much: the science behind fuelling optimum performance. (Includes loads of real life case studies from years of working with sporting champions).
  • Expert strategies for recovery and renewal (a factor that’s so often forgotten in elite diet and exercise programs).
  • Week 5 - You are what you DRINK: Hydration for peak performance

    The question of hydration can be a sticky one for athletes – Is water best? How do I keep my electrolytes balanced? Which energy drinks are actually good for me (and which are full of junk)? Our bodies require very specific hydration levels to function at its peak. This week, we’re going to wade through all the urban myths and marketing fluff to figure out the best fluid to optimise performance. Plus the teenagers that you are dealing with need some specific direction in this area. We’ll dive into:

  • The truth about hydration – what to drink, when to drink it, how much to have, and how to tell if you’re doing it right
  • Water versus caffeine, energy drinks, electrolyte drinks etc. – How to make the right choice for your body and the event.
  • Week 6 - Supplements for Success

    There’s a lot of hype when it comes to supplements. What’s actually worth spending money on (and what’s not worth the packet it comes in)? What do the pros always have in their kitchen (and what do they know to steer clear of)? How can you tell if a supplement is doing good, or is just a bunch of expensive fillers? You’ll learn:

  • How to supplement for success – the products and brands the pros use
  • Essential minerals for maximum energy. These are the ‘secret weapon’ nutritional tips that have helped my elite clients cross the finish line and come out on top (includes daily requirements and best sources)
  • How to maximise health and recovery with antioxidants and good gut bacteria (so that enhanced performance, goes with optimal wellness too)

This program is all about taking control of nutrition to get an edge.

And let it be said: You don’t need to be a world-class athlete to take advantage of the benefits of fuelling for peak performance. These tools and techniques will aid performance in the school setting just as much as on the sporting battlefield.

The truth is, kids (even big ones) can’t always control the myriad of physical and mental demands on their bodies (especially when they are still growing).

But they CAN choose the fuel they put in, if you can show them how…

It’s time to propel them away from uncertainty, fatigue and underperformance… and towards a personal best every time.

Your investment

The regular fee for an individual registering for "Education to Fuelling Peak Performance" is $199.

Payment can be made by credit card, purchase order or invoice.

For schools we have a tiered fee structure or licensing fee. The fees are as follows:


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Our department is very busy. Is this sort of program appropriate for us?

    A.The truth is, the crazier and busier your department, the more your team is going to benefit from these techniques. We can’t always control or predict what life throws at us every day, but managing how and what you eat, your fitness, sleep habits and stress levels gives you an edge, a look and a feel that others will wish they had. Lets face it, although this program is designed to give you expert knowledge and skills so that you can transfer that knowledge to your students, YOU benefit on a personal level too. And when your colleagues are taking care of their health and feeling good, they’ll have a sharper mental focus, heightened productivity, and better energy levels – making it a whole lot easier for them to cope with a hectic workplace in the first place!


    We’ve got lots going on this term. Is this sort of program appropriate for our department?

    Yes! The program is delivered over 6 weeks, but participants can download and access the content at any time after that. So it doesn’t matter if they’ve got a whole lot going on – they can still start the program now and complete the content at their own pace.

  • Q.How is the course delivered?

    A.This online course is delivered over 6 weeks. Each week’s content includes a weekly webinar and a comprehensive workbook, all of which are compatible with both PC and Mac Systems.


    Each week’s webinar will be uploaded on the Monday morning of each week. This means that participants will have a unique link to the webinar sent to them each week, so that you can watch and replay it whenever they like, as many times as they like. I’ll be taking participants through the topic of the week – explaining the concept and going through the ins and outs. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions via email. These sessions are informative, practical and powerful, with tools and strategies that can be applied immediately.

    Workbook Each week, all participants receive a tailored PDF workbook, dedicated to each element of peak performance. This can be downloaded onto any device.

    Email Support Participants will have unlimited email support from me whenever they need it, for the duration of the program.

  • Q.How much time do I or my colleagues need to allocate to the program each week?

    A.Going through all the materials should take less than an hour each week. And keep in mind, you don’t need to get it done at the same pace that the course is delivered (you’ll have 12 month access to the content), so there’s no need to worry about falling behind or running out of time.

  • Q.The students that we teach have different levels of health, fitness and ability. Is the content of the course suitable for a range of different students/athletes and abilities?

    A.Definitely. All the tools and strategies that we go through in the program are designed to suit people at varying levels of health, energy, age, and performance. Where appropriate, I give participants options to adjust and scale the strategies for their particular level of experience or fitness. Both beginners and advanced participants will find these strategies valuable.

Want to hear what other peak performing schools have achieved through working with me?

I am the Athletics Coordinator at Methodist Ladies' College and I have learnt a lot of very practical things through "Fuelling Peak Performance in Education" that I have put in place and have seen work.

The Up and Go before/after breakfast was great for training, athletes took note of the salads and pastas to bring in for pasta night (before big event) and we were able to provide the athletes with your suggested snacks and drinks on the day of the carnival that really worked.

I have also sent your easy to use handouts to all parents and athletes and I know they found them to be helpful in planning meals.

I also thought you should take some credit as we came 3rd in the IGSS Athletics Carnival and that is one of the best results we have had in over 10 years.  Thank you Julie.
Methodist Ladies' College 

Thank you again for your presentations and how valuable it is to us to have someone available like you to educate both the students, teachers and parents on what good nutrition looks like.

I can see the positive impact you have had on my current year 11s from previous years and the improvement in their netball and academic studies, so hopefully we will have the same positive impact on the year 7's going forward.
Governor Stirling Senior High School 

Julie Meek speaks with Hale Year 9 boys about healthy eating to enhance academic and sporting performance. It is a daunting task to face 200 14 year olds but Julie engages the boys with her very positive, informative and interactive approach.

It is obvious to health staff via feedback in follow up sessions that many boys take affirmative action in response to the messages delivered by Julie. Now almost 10 years later, we look forward to continuing our association with Julie for at least another ten!
Hale School 

Without a doubt I would recommend Julie for any of the services she has done at Wesley College. We have always had fantastic feedback about everything that Julie has done at Wesley College. She is knowledgeable, participative, relaxed with practical day to day hints and tips are really helpful. Julie is very flexible and happy to do whatever is required to deliver the best service to us.
Wesley College 

Julie engaged both the students and their parents during presentations at our school, being able to effect positive change in all who needed to hear the news of appropriate eating for an event they were about to undertake.

Julie was exceptionally easy to relate to from a business to business perspective, she is very professional, courteous and I would use her nutritional services again with any further groups.

I would recommend Julie to individuals who are competitive athletes for grounded, expert advice on nutrition, other sporting groups or even individuals who are trying to understand how to better care for themselves.
Swan Christian College

Julie has assisted the Scotch College rowing programme over many years by conducting regular seminars at our residential rowing camps. With a brief to educate the boys on the most appropriate diet for rowing both before, during and after competition. Julie has been successful in delivering direct, highly relevant and clear information to the boys. I have always been pleased in the way that Julie has related to the boys, and the time she spends answering questions with practical answers.
Scotch College 

If you’re ready to take your knowledge and skills to the next level, this is for you.

Every world-class athlete is looking for the ‘one percenters’ that will accelerate their performance.

That’s what this whole program is about, and they’re yours for the taking…