Devil in Disguise

Devil in Disguise

Delicious, delectable, smooth and velvety. Seductive and addictive.  My friend chocolate. I love chocolate but I like to choose when I eat it. I know that around 4 squares of chocolate most days is good for my physical and mental health and I know that it will give me a BOOST of antioxidants. Despite this, I like to be the pilot and I like to choose when and how I eat my chocolate. Enter Exhibit A. The Giant Freddo. Like an army marching into war, 96 Giant Freddo’s tried to come into my house this week, uninvited. Each audacious Freddo then expects me to find them homes. Hey, I know that most people can afford a couple of dollars and lets face it, the new owners certainly get something in return. Everytime one of them takes up residence, the lucky owner gets a couple of teaspoons of fat and few more of sugar. I feel very strongly about Mr Freddo. I know that his motives are pure – he is raising money to assist in my children’s education. BUT, he is also making me ride over my values by forcing my friends and family to eat chocolate when I know that the price to pay is not just a couple of dollars. I feel so strongly about the prolific Mt Freddo that I have banned his entry and given the school a donation instead. You might find yourself in the same battle at your workplace with the ever present charity chocolate lurking in every corner. Caramello, Freddo and their mates lie in wait for your afternoon slump and then pounce on you. Or maybe its the other way round. I will of course reconsider if any smaller good quality dark chocolate characters arrive on the scene.

3 thoughts on “Devil in Disguise

  1. Stick to your guns Julie! I am ashamed to say that a local kid came to my door last week and offered the same ‘help our school’ line, and I succumbed. I’m not a great fan of lollychocolate, but do appreciate the hardcore-adult-shelf-black 72%+.
    Should’ve been on the ball and made the donation instead. I’ll be alert to that next time!

  2. I’m afraid I am weak Julie and I don’t have your willpower – I wish I did! I accepted Freddos into my house! I could have easily like you given a donation, but I actually wanted to eat them !! Anyway, I’ve now eaten them and I’m now renouncing Freddos!

  3. Oh the horrors of the chocolate drives!!!! I too have felt the guilt of forcing chocolate on friends and family, so much so that I have found these critters waving at me, crying out to be eaten. And so it was. Now I am also wiser and go down the donation track. Saves the endless attempts to remove the damage from my hips.

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