Fuelling Peak Performance in Education

Fuelling Peak Performance in Education

Professional development for teachers in health and physical education

Would you like to know all the tips, tricks and expert knowledge that world-class athletes use to enhance their performance? All the insider nutrition secrets that you could apply directly to the students you educate every day?

When you boost your health, you change your whole life.

Most of us know this to be true in our personal lives, but the exact same thing applies to your students that you teach and instruct on a daily basis.

Because you are already educating others on health you know that the right health strategies can revolutionise the output and performance of your students. Productivity, focus, creativity, motivation, problem solving… all of these factors can be significantly improved in a short amount of time just by focusing on health.

This might seem like wishful thinking, but it’s full-blown fact.

It’s scientifically proven that those with enhanced health and wellbeing have higher levels of focus, increased energy levels, fewer sick days, and higher self-esteem. They also perform better, are more motivated, study more effectively and achieve more of their goals.

The reality is that tackling student performance through nutrition and health is not a luxury – it’s a smart educational strategy. Think academic excellence and performance, every teacher and school wants that.

Of course, it can be difficult to gain expert knowledge and skills in nutrition as a teacher.

Getting you and your staff involved in professional development can be tricky. Time away from teaching, the expense of providing relief staff, difficulty in accessing programs if you’re located in a regional or remote area, motivating and engaging them, the logistics of organising it, access to credible professionals in specific areas of expertise and – of course – the ever-present budgetary constraints. It can be easy to put it all in the ‘too hard’ basket and hope that what you already know will last a bit longer.

When it comes to trying to get nutrition sorted and optimised… well, things can get confusing pretty quickly. There’s so much misleading information out there, so many quacks without the science to back up their claims, and one wrong move can really knock you off track.

With obesity levels at an all-time high in adolescents, it’s never been more important in your role, to gather as many tools as possible to assist these young adults to be the best they can be. No matter where they are at, occasionally active or elite athlete and no matter what the sport or activity is, nutritional needs are different to the average Joe.

You wouldn’t fill up a race-car at the servo down the road and expect it to perform at its peak. Likewise, in sport, athletes need to make sure they are not compromising their performance through sub-standard nutrition or lacklustre health strategies.

See, when you’re pushing your body to the limit, the smallest things can have a massive impact: eating too much or too little, not getting enough of the right nutrients, not allowing your body enough time to recover…

Getting to the finish line is one thing, but doing a PB is quite another.
But fuelling a body for peak performance doesn’t need to be hard.

Imagine having the expert tools and techniques to…

  • Design a nutrition game-plan that’s uniquely tailored to an active adolescent
  • Figure out the optimum way to eat – when, where, and what
  • Stabilise and boost energy levels – all day, every day
  • Know the difference between quick and slow fuel
  • Choose the best foods and fluids to have before and after sport
  • The best way to prepare for competition and make the most of the training ground
  • Where supplements fit in and which ones actually DO something
  • How to get your athletes and students engaged and interested in fuelling their bodies
  • How to stay at the top of the game every time

    …All without expensive pills, potions or gimmicks

It’s all 100% achievable, no matter what age, what sport, or what level they are at. As a teacher or their coach, you can really help your charges start achieving their best results EVER.

But to make it happen, you need the expert tools, strategies and guidance that can take you to the next level.

That’s where the Fuelling Peak Performance in Education program comes in.