breathe in, breathe out

breathe in, breathe out

Today I tried a new concept. A truly bizarre concept but new all the same. Apparently there is no need to actually eat food anymore, one can just breathe it in.   My first impression of Le Whif when it arrived in the mail was a cigarette pack full of asthma inhalers.  It scared me.  In reality, the small package contains 3 small cannisters of ‘whiffable’ chocolate. Le Whif was developed by Harvard professor David Edwards using ‘particle engineering.’  In real words this means forming natural food substances, like chocolate, in particle sizes that are small enough to become airborne, though too large to enter the lungs. But back to my experience.  After preparing my puffer I eagerly awaited my ‘whif’ of chocolate. Sadly, all that registered on my tongue was a ‘whif” of fresh air with a ever so small suggestion of chocolate. Fabulous way of losing weight though, as the Le Whif experts suggest.  The brochure attached to the product states that “When you eat a chocolate bar, most of the chocolate passes through your mouth without actually contacting your tastebuds.” Objection, Your Honour.  It does so.  They go on to postulate that “from a taste point of view, most chocolate is not serving you, apart from delivering calories.”  Not so sure about that one either and I know that others will agree there are a number of ways that chocolate can serve us.  Aren’t there? Anyway, new experiences are essential in life and although I spent 4 puffs trying to work out what was going on, all was not lost.  I  laughed a LOT,  got some extra air into my lungs and only inhaled only 4 calories.

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  1. I too have tried ‘Le Whif’ and thought it was liking sniffing the chocolate powder off a cappucino! Not sure whether it was enjoyable or not!

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