Ball Rolling

Can you roll into a ball?  I tried it just to check and so far so good.  Being flexible is SO important to your daily movement and comfort and essential for getting a sweat up. Rolling into a ball is not something that many of us have to do each day.  Can’t say I’m unhappy about that either.  However, this skill is essential for hedgehogs and some poor little Scottish ones recently found themselves in a spot of bother. Continue reading “Ball Rolling”

Bring on the party

Organising children’s birthday parties can be stressful as some of you will know.  Where, what and $$$ are the common questions parents ask themselves every year. Just because my work involves assisting teams and businesses to achieve peak performance doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate that children should be having fun at parties.  I know that part of that fun involves party food.   I am not a parent that hovers over the food table hiding offending items.  Really. Continue reading “Bring on the party”