Julie Meek presented two excellent sessions on “Achieving Your Personal Best” at our Department of Sport and Recreation 2013 Staff Conference.  The feedback to me was that Julie is smart, adaptable and tailored her responses perfectly to the diverse range of people in the intimate audience.  She has a no-nonsense, common-sense approach to how each person can approach better performance, and I know our staff took some great practical ideas back to their desks and lives.
Simon Beaumont
Manager Executive Service – Office of the Director General
Julie’s presentation’s attracted an overwhelming number of registrations to not only the first presentation but subsequent one’s as well. This was testament to her positive and effective delivery style and the content itself.

I have also received numerous emails and verbal feedback highlighting staff’s enjoyment of the presentations and the fact they gained further insight into the often ambiguous field of nutrition.

Julie’s professionalism, topic knowledge and effective delivery are outstanding.

Joel Canning
Health and Wellness Co-ordinator

Julie Meek is a professional and knowledgeable Dietitian who was able to bring practical and useful advice to our in-house training sessions. Our aim was to promote healthier life style choices and tips on maximizing energy throughout the day and Julie was able to deliver clear messages in a fun and informative way. As a business I believe we gained a great deal out of the two sessions we had with Julie and would recommend her to other businesses looking to support their staff with well being initiatives

Anthony Durack
Director, Mining

Julie is an entertaining speaker with a great deal of passion and knowledge of nutrition.  Her interactive talk left our audience wanting more which was evident in the discussion and questions that followed her presentation.  She was highly professional on all fronts and made a valuable contribution to our Health and Wellbeing Programme.  We will definitely use Julie again and have recommended her to other parts of our business

Gemma Maisey
Health Specialist


Your stimulating presentation to my team and willingness to share your knowledge and understanding with our staff was one of the highlights of that day.  The feedback has been extremely positive and your contribution actively helps our staff.

John Ruprecht
Executive Director

Julie’s informative presentation was empowering and inspiring. She adapted a fit for purpose presentation to suit our requirementsand her engaging style empowered our staff to make positive changes to their lives by implementing a simple plan to follow.

Rob Hartog
State Manager, WA

Julie has assisted the Scotch College rowing programme by conducting regular seminars at our residential rowing camps. With a brief to educate the boys on the most appropriate diet for rowing both before, during and after competition. Julie has been successful in delivering direct, highly relevant and clear information to the boys. I have always been pleased in the way that Julie has related to the boys, and the time she spends answering questions with practical answers.

Grant Ford
Head of Rowing

Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for your presentation at last Saturdays Education Seminar ‘OUR KITCHEN RULES’ for Genesis Cancer Care.  Your presentation fitted in perfectly with the theme of the Seminar. It was entertaining, factual and engaging and left a lasting impression on the audience.  I have received lots of comments from staff today telling me just how much they enjoyed listening to you.

I have personally gone out today at lunchtime to buy some Chia seeds, but I wasn’t the first person to apparently follow your advice.  Quite a few people told me this morning that they had bought Psyllium and Chia over the weekend following your recommendation.

David Cutt
Education Officer

Thanks Julie for the value you add and your ability to break open myths commonly held by the girls. You are direct and get straight to the point and able to relate the importance of their diet to their school work, sport, general health and overall success in these areas.

Wendy Chidgey
Head of Year 11

Julie Meek offers a highly informative seminar on nutrition in ‘Get Your Body Buzzing’ that constantly has our client’s energized and ready to tackle their own eating habits.

As a professional speaker Julie is inspirational in her beliefs and is able to engage her audience throughout the entire seminar. Her knowledge and understanding of nutrition reflects in her presentations, putting forward practical information that is beneficial to our client’s health and wellbeing.

Being able to hire the services of a Dietitian such as Julie adds an excellence to our business that I believe we would not find with any other health care professional.

Annette Anderson

Thank you for your inspiring presentation at the AIOP November Business Breakfast. All members and guests who attended were impressed by your passion, energy and enthusiasm. As was evidenced by the numerous questions you fielded during and at the conclusion of your presentation, your topic was one embraced by everyone present.


Fabulous presentation at today’s Career Booster Event – lots of great content – practical and obviously interesting to our attendees given quantity of questions!

Emma Lovel
Managing Director

Your talk as part of Stay on Your Feet Week was great today, totally different to talks from dietitians of the 70’ during my training days!

Sally Connelly
Community Health Nurse

We were lucky enough to have Julie present at our Eat Well Live Well for Life event for Stay on Your Feet Week. Julie provided a fun and interactive cooking and nutrition class, looking into healthy foods that are flavoursome, convenient and packed full of sustenance. Julie’s classes are delivered with warmth and humour, whilst providing exceptional support and information. Julie is an excellent speaker and her ability to interact with the group was a pleasure to watch. Her knowledge of nutrition was passed on in an easy to understand style and she answered questions throughout the class. The attendees of the cooking and nutrition class were surveyed on completion and all commented on her knowledge and her ability to engage her audience. We would definitely use Julie’s services again and would recommend her presentation to anyone wanting to know more about living a healthy lifestyle.

Coralie and Kylie

Julie Meek was a key note presenter at our inaugural Wellness Day. Julie presented different information in a way that made the girls very interested and engaged in what she was teaching them.
Many girls on their feedback sheets said that Julie’s session was the best one on the whole day! Julie presents an important aspect of wellness that is essential for the education of young people.

Theresa Davis
Deputy Principal

Without a doubt I would recommend Julie for any of the services she has done at Wesley College. We have always had fantastic feedback about everything that Julie has done at Wesley College. She is knowledgeable, participative, relaxed with practical day to day hints and tips are really helpful. Julie is very flexible and happy to do whatever is required to deliver the best service to us.

Lil Watt 
Human Resources

Julie is a practical, motivational and down to earth presenter. She has the ability to make people ‘feel good’ about making the right food choice and make a change in lifestyle to achieve this. Being a human services industry it made us think that our lives is not just about looking after the people in our care, but about ourselves so that we can physically and mentally add value by looking after ourselves and thereby add value to the service we provide. Thankyou for your prompt and efficient service that met and exceeded expectations. We are already planning our next one.

Maria Daniel
Senior OSH Officer

Julie was able to cater her talk specific to the needs of the athletes she was dealing with – endurance cyclists from Swan Christian College participating in the Albany to Perth Bike Ride to raise funds for the African Village of Kantolomba.

She was engaging, warm yet confronting – ensuring previous misconceptions were dealt with in an appropriate manner. Julie engaged both the students and their parents, being able to effect positive change in all who needed to hear the news of appropriate eating for the event they were about to undertake.

Julie was exceptionally easy to relate to from a business to business perspective, she is very professional, courteous and I would use her nutritional services again with any further groups.

Mark Lewis

Julie Meek speaks with Hale Year 9 boys about healthy eating to enhance academic and sporting performance. It is a daunting task to face 200 14 year olds but Julie engages the boys with her very positive, informative and interactive approach.

It is obvious to health staff via feedback in follow up sessions that many boys take affirmative action in response to the messages delivered by Julie. We look forward to continuing our association with Julie as a guest speaker in the Health program.

Jim Ashby
Health Coordinator

Thank you for a great presentation last night. You are the consummate “extremely skilled and accomplished” professional.

Peter Trench
Managing Director

I was extremely fortunate to have had Julie advise me regarding my dietary requirements when I climbed Mt Everest. I therefore had no hesitation in asking Julie to address a group of about 75 work colleagues regarding what diet will enhance  performance at home and ‘at play’.

The presentation that Julie provided reflected her high level of expertise on the subject matter. Julie was very well prepared with an appropriate number of slides that contained sufficient information that was well set out and uncluttered in appearance. Julie also brought along a number of ‘props’ to which the team could readily relate.  Of equal importance however was the manner in which Julie delivered her message. The presentation was interactive and as such Julie was easily able to retain the full attention of the group throughout. Julie was more than capable of answering all questions with ‘off the cuff’ responses that could be understood by everyone. At no time did Julie drop into technical answers that would not be understood gy the audience althoughj there was no doubt that Julie has the knowledge to satisfy a more technical audience in need.

Perhaps the best indication of the success of Julie’s presentation is the fact that I have been asked to invite Julie back to talk to our team some more and also that other parts of the organisation heard about Julie and have also asked her to address their teams. I look forward to welcoming Julie back soon.

Ed Bradley

Your presentation was excellent. Funny, so well delivered and content spot on.

Lyn Shepherd

Your answer to the caller (on 6PR) who said they had purchased a generic probiotic product from Woolworths was an absolute beauty. We remain worried about the poor quality of the generics and your answer made it clear that they are not a genuine Probiotic. Thank you for giving the caller such unequivocal advice. If everyone that was interviewed on the radio had your depth of knowledge life would be much easier!!

David Whatley
National Sales Manager

As the owner of two Bikram Yoga studios in Perth we are constantly seeking ways of adding value to our student’s health and vitality. Julie Meek was the perfect fit. Producing two energetic and informative presentations, Julie had the ability to empower the students to make better choices when it came to their diet and hydration.

Feedback from the students was overwhelming as they embraced the simplicity of Julie’s speech and enjoyed the fact that they could immediately implement some strategies that would ensure their energy levels remained at an optimum, allowing them to be far more productive during their day. On the spot questions were answered thoroughly and student participation was encouraged making it more personal and relative.

As the organiser for the presentations I appreciated the flexibility that Julie offered allowing minimal disruptions to our schedule. I will not hesitate to utilise Julie again as we endeavor to educate our new students.

Adam Rose

The Women Who Lead series is an innovation of Methodist Ladies’ College. This series of evening seminars was first held in 2009 and has continued to thrive since its inception. Women Who Lead (WWL) was designed to inspire young women through the role modelling of positive mentors, demonstrate the different aspects of leadership and create a stimulus for discussion between parents and girls.

Julie was invited to present at the Total Body Bootcamp event. The WWL Committee identified Julie as a passionate educator, inspiring mentor and advocate of peak performance through nutrition.

Julie presented with Shelley Taylor-Smith, Founder and Director of Champion Mindset Consulting; Justine Guest, Founder and Managing Director of Babes on the Run; and Eric Harrison, Director of the Perth Meditation Centre.

Julie’s has a unique presentation style which makes the content of her presentation accessible to all in the audience. She succinctly contextualises her key messages by way of tangible examples, personal stories and humour. Her unassuming manner and genuine interest in others well-being furthered her connection with the audience. She stated the facts, demystified the myths and affirmed that we were all ‘normal’.

Julie was very generous with her time both pre and post the event and demonstrated expertise in a variety of forums whether it be lecture style, small group work or one to one consultation.

We would recommend Julie to any organisation or individual who needs motivating to achieve peak performance. Her practical and sensible approach to healthy nutrition makes it realistic for either teams or individuals to achieve the best results possible.

Julie is certainly at the top of our list for a return visit to the Women Who Lead series.

Andrea McGurk
Director of Development and Community

I really want to thank you for presenting to TEC Roundtable 216 today. You challenged each and every member of our group and created some wonderful energy in discussion about diet and health with a clear connection to peak performance..

Beginning your presentation displaying the real food type and quantities that Elvis used to eat had every member hooked from the start. Everyone was waiting to compare a good diet relative to a really great diet, or even a really bad diet – no names will be mentioned. The conversation between yourself and our member Rob had us all in stitches when he kept going on about his eight egg breakfasts.

Overall, our members have a much clearer understanding of diet, the types of food each of us might consume, and its effect on their ability to make decisions throughout any ordinary day. Every member made comment on your professionalism and knowledge.

Yours has been a wonderful interactive educational presentation and I look forward to you coming back again in the future.

John Broons

Julie is a pleasure to do business with.  She is flexible, well organised, well prepared and punctual as well as being friendly and easy to talk to.  Our supporters enjoyed Julie’s presentation very much.  I had many positive comments concerning Julie and the event, and would gladly engage her again.  I would highly recommend Julie as a speaker if anyone in your audience has an interest in food, nutrition, how food impacts our lives, tips for improving energy…..in fact anyone who eats.

Kari Legge
Donor Relations Coordinator