Going to market

We live in a world where relationships are often difficult to maintain let alone establishing new ones.We live in a world where it becomes harder all the time to truly connect with people like your neighbours and your community, wherever that may be. We live in a world where many of the … [Read more...]

Food Care Factor

One look inside a shopping trolley will show you how varied our food tastes are.  One trolley might be full of fruit and vegetables and another might be groaning under the weight of processed items such as snack foods, confectionery and the like. There are a number of factors at play when we choose … [Read more...]

Good Friday Frugality

Here is the Easter edition of a $2 meal just in time for a fishy Good Friday. I think a few squares of good quality dark chocolate would finish it off nicely. No, its not included in the $2 but so worth sacrificing. Stuffed Potato 1 x 200 g potato cooked whole in the microwave 100g tin tuna, … [Read more...]

The $2 shop

When we last spoke I was having a good rant about fast food conglomerates and their ethics in sales practices when offering unhealthy but cheap food to the masses.  And I mean masses.  675 000 vouchers for a Whopper and fries deal from Hungry Jacks sold in less than 48 hours. Since then I have … [Read more...]