Employee Performance Programs

Raise blood sugar levels and employee performance

We can learn a lot about employee performance improvement from the top professional football coaches. They know that what happens in the third quarter of a game will determine the end result, so if the team doesn’t follow a game plan to manage energy levels, it will affect their decision-making ability, concentration and endurance.

As a qualified dietitian and performance specialist, Julie Meek knows that keeping your team on the ball is really no different. Tackling employee performance improvement through nutrition is a smart business strategy not a luxury.

The real cost of poor employee health

Woody Allen once said that 80% of success in life can be attributed to simply showing up. However, there is growing evidence in the workplace to suggest this is somewhat optimistic. Researchers say that ‘presenteesim’ (the problem of workers being on the job but not actually functioning due to fatigue and health issues) can reduce productivity by one third or more. In fact, presenteesim can be far costlier than its counterpart, absenteeism.

Research conducted by Medibank Private in 2005, in conjunction with the Harvard Medical School, concluded that employees with poor health worked on average 49 effective hours per month compared with 143 effective hours per month for a worker of good health. More recent research into employee performance showed that presenteeism alone costs the Australian economy in excess of $17.6 billion and up to 2.79% of GDP. On average, for every health risk an individual has their productivity decreased by 2.4%.

Let’s start by looking at your game plan

Julie can work with your team by providing employee performance improvement presentations on any nutrition topic. These presentations can be run as individual sessions or as part of a Performance Package, which many savvy businesses choose.

The Performance Package includes four one-hour presentations, conducted by Julie on a quarterly basis over a 12-month period. This ensures the development of strong relationships, support and motivation resulting in real change for your team and the company. Your investment is inclusive of all written materials, a monthly newsletter and access to email/phone contact for your staff following the presentations.

Browse the titles listed below or request a presentation tailored to your team or workplace.

Get your body buzzing

Learn how to gain energy and variety in your diet and get practical tips on how to perform at your best at work and play.

  • Optimising energy levels – how to get the brain and body buzzing. This will involve a breakdown of the role of carbohydrate, protein and fat in the daily diet.
  • Practical tips on how to maintain energy levels and a healthy body weight. This will include an outline of the main food groups and the appropriate serving sizes.
  • Keeping your body hydrated – what to drink and how much. The role of water, caffeine and other fluids will be explored.
  • Ways to increase intake of calcium and iron, including requirements and sources.
  • Explore the role of anti-oxidants and healthy bacteria in the the daily diet

Truth, lies and chocolate

Presents enlightening facts and fairytales about nutrition that help boost energy and provide key ingredients for delegate and team performance – inspired by Julie’s book Truth, Lies and Chocolate.

Be enlightened about some common nutrition myths like the following:

  • Carbohydrates – friend or foe?
  • Caffeine – will it give you a buzz to get through the day?
  • Vitamin C can prevent the common cold – true or false?
  • Feed the man meat – should we be eating it?
  • Nutrition supplements vs. food – even better than the ‘real thing?’
  • Red wine and chocolate – can they boost your immune system?

Fat blasting for a healthy body

With so many demands in our busy lives, it is easy to find ourselves without a good diet and wondering how to maintain a healthy body weight. In this session participants will explore:

  • The ingredients of a healthy diet
  • The role that carbohydrate has in maintaining a healthy body weight
  • Types and amount of fat that we can consume
  • How to fill up on fibre
  • Weight loss supplements – do they work?
  • Take-away foods and eating out – what are the healthy options?
  • Reading Food Labels

Corporate chef

Looking for a team development opportunity with some in-built skills? ‘Corporate chef’ is an entertaining 60-90 minute session with Julie including hands-on practical cooking demonstrations that cover quick, healthy snacks, meals and drinks. Get your team involved and improve their nutrition performance at the same time.

Latte, lunch or lollies

Choosing your daily bean and deciding what to eat, not just to get you through but power through the day, is tough. Especially tough for the profit margin of your company if your staff make the wrong decision and end up slumped at their desks by 3pm. In this session your team will discover the best power snacks, tips for eating out and how to manage caffeine hits for peak productivity.

Supermarket safari

Have you ever felt like walking the aisles of the supermarket is akin to walking a minefield? Do you feel like you need a science degree to decipher the labels? Knowledge is power and imagine the power you would possess if you knew how to choose healthy food quickly. ‘Supermarket safari’ is the most effective, practical and fun way of teaching your staff how to read food labels. This is an essential hands-on session that’s great for employee performance improvement through team building and improving health performance.

You can also hire Julie’s services as a professional speaker for events and conferences. To find out more about her presentations and practical workshops, contact Julie direct. Or, to see what other organisations have to say about her employee performance improvement programs, view the testimonials page.