Calorie Burn: Could Your Exercise Equipment be Telling you Lies?

calorie burn

My gym has recently installed a vast array of shiny new treadmills, stationery cycles and elliptical, all with impressive screen displays and access to a wealth of information about your workout. So much information is available on the exercise equipment that it often takes me more time to work … [Read more...]

Mood food

grumpy fish

When someone in my house is in the grip of a bad mood moment, we nominate them as the ‘Grumpy Fish, so-called after a much-loved children’s book, Hooray for Fish by Lucy Cousins. It’s almost impossible to keep up a bad mood with that tag following you. Jokes aside, good mood vs. bad mood is a … [Read more...]

Orange, Chocolate and Sweat – Three Tops Tips to Fuel your Football Game

Chocolate and Oranges - how they can change your game

I so love the start of the footy season. The anticipation of a new beginning and a clean slate, the sound of the siren cutting through the slight crispness in the air and the whack of a boot connecting with the ball. This past Easter weekend has marked season kick-off for Australian Rules … [Read more...]

Speed Bump Ahead

speed bump

A couple of weeks ago, a small disaster affected the functioning of my business. My website literally disappeared into the clouds (sadly not the ones that store stuff) as a result of a fatally corrupted server. For about five days, while I anxiously waited to hear if the back-up had been … [Read more...]

Meat Free Week – Are you joining me?

Meat Free Week

It’s time to get prepped and ready for a challenge. Next Monday 23rd March through to 29th March, marks Meat Free Week and kick-off is fast approaching. Before you start panicking about not having meat on your plate for an entire week, lets take a look at why this week exists. Meat Free Week is … [Read more...]

The Three Lessons Yoga Taught Me Today

Julie Yoga

Until last year, yoga and I have struggled to be friends. At times, our relationship has been downright dysfunctional and we have had a long history of emotions running hot and cold, predominantly cold. I loved the idea of yoga but the actual reality of being able to do it, did not align with my … [Read more...]

Pancakes: a flippin’ good idea

Pancakes Blueberry Med

There is something comforting about a fluffy stack of pancakes, wafting their yeasty smell toward you.  Sunday mornings are a given for making pancakes in our house.  That is, I make them while the hungry hordes devour them. I have my own special memories of sitting on the kitchen bench as a kid, … [Read more...]

Compelling vision

My beautiful picture

Having just returned from a break in the European winter over the Australian summer, I feel a little behind the eight ball with a month already crossed off the calendar.  But actually, I think that's kind of lucky. I avoided the trap of false new year promises which are often stated the minute … [Read more...]

Ironman Performance

Photo courtesy of Amanda Collett

Western Australia had a world-class visitor last week at the SunSmart IRONMAN 70.3 in Mandurah, one hour south of Perth. The very talented triathlete, Craig Alexander. I had the privilege of interviewing five times World Champion Craig ‘Crowie’ Alexander, for my book Ready, Set…Go and he is the … [Read more...]

Magic Bean

Bean cupcakes

Legumes and I are good friends from way back.  We get together 3-5 times every week and I share the love between baked beans, cannellini beans, chick peas, kidney beans, lentils and others. We are friends because I know that legumes and beans are a great way of adding fibre, protein, Vitamin C … [Read more...]