Be a Bloody Legend – The Joy of Giving

At the start of this year, I did my usual planning for the 12 months ahead and decided to choose a few themes to shape my year rather than goals as they can be fraught with danger. One of these themes was Giving Back. While this may seem quite broad, for me this means contributing to my community … [Read more...]


One of my earliest memories is of sitting in a shopping trolley when I was four years old, with my mum and my beloved Nan, at what was then Charlie Carters supermarket. While they were doing the shopping, I found the butter that was resting in the trolley. It was wrapped in paper and very quietly … [Read more...]

Healthy Pastry – How to Make a Delicious Meat Pie Scroll

Those of you in the Southern Hemisphere will have noticed that the air is getting a little crisper these days.  Colder air means winter sports and warmer food doesn't it? It does in my foodie world. Enter healthy pastry. In Australia, winter sports like football, soccer and netball are often … [Read more...]

How to Make Healthy Easter Chocolate Bliss Balls

The truth is, its hard to avoid all the Easter chocolate isn't it?  Despite the deliciousness, I do know that Easter eggs are jam packed with calories and it is very hard to stop at just one, especially the little teeny tiny ones. Enter the Easter Chocolate Bliss Ball. The concept of 'balls' have … [Read more...]

Taking Anxiety Down with a Breath

Last weekend, I experienced something new. It was overwhelming and both a physical and mental storm. I experienced an anxiety attack. To me, it sounds silly because in the scheme of things, what I was anxious about did not warrant my reaction. If I think about the times or events in my life that … [Read more...]

The Perfect Pair – Food Combo’s that Really Work for Your Body

It seems that there are so many nutrients that our body needs to function at its best. Think vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants, carotenoids, trace elements……you get the picture right? The list is long and sometimes it feels like a mammoth task to get the whole bunch of them in our … [Read more...]

Incredible Health Benefits of Cauliflower

Some of my favourite childhood memories of food involve the humble cauliflower. The smell of this delicious vegetable baking in the oven smothered in a cheesy sauce, takes me straight back to my mum teaching me the basics of cooking. Of course, I know now that cauliflower is so much more than a … [Read more...]

Choc-chip Cookies with a Hint of Healthy

What do Choc-chip Cookies have to do with healthy living and high performance? A lot more than you might think. Firstly, I can't actually imagine living without the recipe I am about to share with you and secondly, balance is such an important part of living a healthy life isn't it? I know … [Read more...]

Chicken, Ricotta and Spinach Lupinsagne (aka Lasagne)

  Lasagne gets me thinking about Italy, cheesy sauce, accordion music and red and white checked tablecloths. You might not have exactly the same vision but lasagne is a true crowd pleaser and one of those dishes that just makes you sigh with happiness doesn't it? Traditionally, lasagne … [Read more...]

Theme vs. resolution – what’s yours for 2017?

Yesterday my good friends over at Kale and Co. posted a comment on social media that echoed my thoughts to a tee. "January was a trial run. Let's DO this February" For me, with three kids, January is all about school holidays and the beach. No writing, a small amount of work and this year, … [Read more...]