12 Tips for a Healthy Festive Season – make a list and check it twice

There are just two sleeps until the jolly man arrives to spread festive cheer and joy! For most of us the festive cheer and joy has been gathering momentum for a while and very often involves things to eat, things to drink, things to eat, things to drink…... Here are my 12 Tips for a Healthy … [Read more...]

Chicken Parmigiana Makeover

There are not many people who don't love a good Chicken in Pyjamas aka Chicken Parmigiana is there? The age-old parmi is an Italian recipe that has most definitely become an Australian pub favourite. The thing is, the calories in that baby are right up there and can range anywhere between 400 – … [Read more...]

Lessons from a bike

Want to know how NOT to prepare for something?   There are lessons from a bike coming right up that you can apply to anything at all, believe me. Do you remember that last week we talked about the importance of doing the preparing before the doing - whatever it might be? Just in case you missed … [Read more...]

It’s all in the preparing

  Earlier this year, I completely stepped out of my comfort zone and tried to learn a new skill.  I have known these skills before but when I say before, I mean a lifetime ago. One of my daughters is an elite gymnast and as I spend SO much time getting her to and from gym, I thought it … [Read more...]

Scoop it up! How to whip up Banana and Peanut Butter Ice-cream

Along with many others around the world, Australian’s really love ice cream. In fact, we hold the bronze medal position in the Top 5 ice cream consuming countries in the world. Ice cream eating prowess is not included in the Olympic games but if it ever makes an appearance we are ready to … [Read more...]

Try for 5

This week, 16-22nd October Nutrition Australia is challenging all Australians to eat more vegetables and Try for 5.  It is hard to believe but 96% of Australians fail to eat their recommended daily intake of vegetables. The Try for 5 theme is all about discovering new ways to add vegetables to … [Read more...]

Looking for a quick dinner?

Growing up, one of my staple after school snacks was the good old 2-minute noodle pack. If you were on the same page, you will understand the attraction of something that is so quick and simple and requires virtually no cooking skills whatsoever. Never mind a snack - what about the night's where … [Read more...]

Steptember – will you putting a spring in your step?

Yippee, just one more sleep until spring and Steptember.  Nope, its not a spelling error, Steptember is just an innovative way of repurposing the first month of a new season in an energetic way. Steptember has been initiated by the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and they are asking us to take 10,000 … [Read more...]

Personal bests and PB’s – what are you striving for?

The past two and a bit weeks have been exciting, exhilarating, tearful, stressful and most of all extremely lacking in the sleep department. You may recognise these things in yourself if you have been following the journey of our Australian athletes (or your own country) achieving their personal … [Read more...]

Lemon and Coconut Slice – a delicious makeover

There are some recipes that just about everyone loves and I think that the good old Lemon and Coconut Slice is one of them.  It is the perfect marriage of buttery biscuit base with a zesty lemon topping scattered with coconut. This delicious slice can often be seen making its entrance at afternoon … [Read more...]