Your Health and Weight Story – what are you telling yourself?

What story are you telling yourself?

Have you ever had one of those moments when something you have been pretending is so fine is actually not? And until someone calls you on it, you were quite happy to continue to sail along the sea of denial? I had one of those moments this week when my beautiful dog Lulu, unfortunately pulled one … [Read more...]

How to make an easy Ancient Grain Salad

ancient grain salad

I do love the discovery of a good salad and this one is a beauty! Full of lovely colour, fibre, protein and Vitamin C and the perfect lunch or side for dinner. Ancient Grain Salad with Pomegranate You’ll need: 1 Cup freekah (green cracked wheat, pronounced freak-ah) ½ cup puy lentils/French … [Read more...]

Food Revolution Day

Food Revolution Day

In eleven days time, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day 2015 will kick off all over the world. It is a cause close to my heart because I am a proud Ambassador for Food Revolution Day and I am a parent to three young kids. With their mum being a Dietitian, our kids have grown up learning how to make … [Read more...]

Calorie Burn: Could Your Exercise Equipment be Telling you Lies?

calorie burn

My gym has recently installed a vast array of shiny new treadmills, stationery cycles and elliptical, all with impressive screen displays and access to a wealth of information about your workout. So much information is available on the exercise equipment that it often takes me more time to work … [Read more...]

Mood food

grumpy fish

When someone in my house is in the grip of a bad mood moment, we nominate them as the ‘Grumpy Fish, so-called after a much-loved children’s book, Hooray for Fish by Lucy Cousins. It’s almost impossible to keep up a bad mood with that tag following you. Jokes aside, good mood vs. bad mood is a … [Read more...]

Orange, Chocolate and Sweat – Three Tops Tips to Fuel your Football Game

Chocolate and Oranges - how they can change your game

I so love the start of the footy season. The anticipation of a new beginning and a clean slate, the sound of the siren cutting through the slight crispness in the air and the whack of a boot connecting with the ball. This past Easter weekend has marked season kick-off for Australian Rules … [Read more...]

Speed Bump Ahead

speed bump

A couple of weeks ago, a small disaster affected the functioning of my business. My website literally disappeared into the clouds (sadly not the ones that store stuff) as a result of a fatally corrupted server. For about five days, while I anxiously waited to hear if the back-up had been … [Read more...]

Meat Free Week – Are you joining me?

Meat Free Week

It’s time to get prepped and ready for a challenge. Next Monday 23rd March through to 29th March, marks Meat Free Week and kick-off is fast approaching. Before you start panicking about not having meat on your plate for an entire week, lets take a look at why this week exists. Meat Free Week is … [Read more...]

The Three Lessons Yoga Taught Me Today

Julie Yoga

Until last year, yoga and I have struggled to be friends. At times, our relationship has been downright dysfunctional and we have had a long history of emotions running hot and cold, predominantly cold. I loved the idea of yoga but the actual reality of being able to do it, did not align with my … [Read more...]

Pancakes: a flippin’ good idea

Pancakes Blueberry Med

There is something comforting about a fluffy stack of pancakes, wafting their yeasty smell toward you.  Sunday mornings are a given for making pancakes in our house.  That is, I make them while the hungry hordes devour them. I have my own special memories of sitting on the kitchen bench as a kid, … [Read more...]