Meetings Matter

Businessman asleep at his desk on white background

At the very mention of a meeting, any meeting at all, I can feel myself getting twitchy and anxious.  The thought of sitting and using up precious time that I will never, ever get back fills me with dread. And, I know I am not alone as there are many cynics out there who describe meetings as 'the … [Read more...]

Fad diet fiction

Fad Diet Fiction

Today on my talkback radio segment with Gary Adshead, we had some great callers and interesting questions.  One of the questions we were asked reminded me that the thorny issue of 'fad diets' never really goes away.  These fictional, often extreme and frequently money making fad diets just keep … [Read more...]

The Power of Connecting

Julie & Patrick final

This week has marked both World Suicide Prevention Day and R U Ok Day.  These events provide an opportunity to raise awareness of the vital importance of mental health and how we can connect with each other in our own communities.  In a world that is so busy, crazy, connecting with each other on … [Read more...]

Top of the Fibre Charts

muffins USA

Have you ever tried psyllium husk? Strange they might be spelt but these husks are the portion of the seeds of the plant Plantago Ovata, a native of India and Pakistan.  These little fluffy husks are an indigestible source of soluble fibre and contain 70% more soluble fibre than oat bran, which is … [Read more...]

A Life Performance


Last week I experienced one of the toughest moments in my life. I had to say goodbye to my beautiful 92-year-old Nan. She has been there for me through thick and thin, encouraged me through good and bad and just loved me for who I am. All who knew her will forever remember Nan’s epic … [Read more...]

Sitting on the Job

office guy lifting weights

In the world of risk factors for health, sitting is being touted as the new smoking.  This of course, does make me fidget in my seat as I write. This controversial info graphic might make you squirm too. Jobs that require standing all day present issues of their own but a mixture of both has got to … [Read more...]

The Groats and the Oats

As the steam gently wafts away from my warm bowl of porridge, I get a little feeling of happiness because I LOVE starting a cold winters day with some oaty goodness.  Because they are so delicious, I can't help but look for them even when eating breakfast out and I love that they make regular … [Read more...]

Need a reboot? Take a break.

new york cowgirl

A few weeks ago I was speaking to a team of successful mortgage brokers about the strategies they could use to maximise their daily energy levels and enhance performance.  One of these key strategies is taking regular mini-breaks and holidays but when I asked the 80 odd brokers in front of me how … [Read more...]

Sprint Finish

running sprint vs marathon

A few nights ago I came to the end of my first month back at interval run training.  I say back, because prior to this, the last time I graced the springy grass track was over 10 years ago before I had kids.  It has hurt me big time, because for many years I have just been running. Training for 10, … [Read more...]

Easter Boombalatta

Resting between Hot Cross Buns

  I love, love, love Easter.  Mostly for the subtle change in the weather, the smell in the autumn air but also for the chance to spend time with the family and as my kids say, a spot of chillaxing. For me there is always a slight frisson of fear that accompanies Easter as some years … [Read more...]