knowlovefoodOne of my earliest memories is of sitting in a shopping trolley when I was four years old, with my mum and my beloved Nan, at what was then Charlie Carters supermarket.

While they were doing the shopping, I found the butter that was resting in the trolley. It was wrapped in paper and very quietly and secretly I started to nibble my way through it. It wasn’t until we got to the checkout that mum discovered I had eaten the better part of a block of butter. Needless to say, mum wasn’t too happy but I think she should have been glad that she got to do her shopping in peace.

There began my love of food.

Fast forward to present day and I have been working in the world of nutrition for 25 years.

I think I need to fess up and tell you that my start into this field was quite shaky. The lure of my very first grown up job as a Dietitian took me to Cootamundra, a tiny little sheep and wheat town in NSW.

My first problem presented itself straight away. I had no friends with not a single prospect in sight. Enter the Hot Cross Bun. Their comfort was immense and my love affair was immediate and oh so enduring.   Whilst comforting myself with the Easter goodies (and perhaps a few other food delights) I set about formulating a plan to gather some friends. Cootamundra, like many other country towns had a happening pub scene and with ten of them in a 500m strip catering to 5000 thirsty townsfolk they were clearly the path to friendship. I managed to gather some lovely friends and I think we had some hilarious times.

After six months of swilling beer and a concerted effort at eating all the hot cross buns I had cleverly frozen for my use plus any food that wasn’t nailed down, my boyfriend at the time started making comments about the extra ‘bits’ I had acquired.  I was indignantly upset. How dare he tell such lies! More time passed and unbeknown to me, more bits tacked themselves onto my body. In hindsight I think the beer may have affected my vision.

I can only imagine the shaky confidence that the locals had in their new and only Dietitian who was advising them on losing weight while she was fattening up like a little pig.  Eventually the evidence became too great even for me and in a pivotal moment when getting out of the bath, I had to face the fact that I had morphed into something like a Shar-Pei dog, the breed with many folds of skin.  With a successful deposit of 10kg of heavy-duty weight, the golden run of beer and Hot Cross Buns was over.

The road back was long and arduous and the changes I HAD to make in so many areas of my life have never left me.

“There was not a single bit of mindful eating in that whole time I was galloping at top speed into Shar-Peidom”

I didn’t listen or connect to my body, I didn’t deal with all the emotional stuff that was going on and I definitely didn’t actually enjoy what I was eating. Nourishing the body and mind did not cross my radar.

All of us can succumb to poor choices – unhealthy eating, not enough exercise, lack of sleep, too much stress or low resilience. Of course, sometimes it’s not a matter of making a poor choice but having the knowledge and skills to make one.


That’s where knowlovefood comes into play.  In a world of celebrity health advice, it is incredibly difficult to get to the heart of the real stuff, the stuff that actually reflects scientific evidence.

Dietitian’s like me (excluding my attempt at eating ALL the Hot Cross Buns and beer in Australia) are skilled at teaching people how to spend less time worrying about your body and food choices and start enjoying what you eat. Getting you fit from the inside out is our passion and our expertise.

Do you knowlovefood?


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