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Mincing Words

Growing up, I knew that Thursday nights were Savoury Mince on toast nights. Not my favourite at the time but I just didn't understand the simplicity of the dish and how much my Mum would have loved it.  Although she has now moved on from making this dish every Thursday night, this is THE recipe and … [Read more...]

Cinderella or Halloween?

Cinderella and Halloween come straight to mind when I think of the humble pumpkin.  One is a visual of a converted coach hurtling towards a ball with an unsuspecting prince waiting and the other is of a spooky lit up pumpkin face. In reality, we are talking about an orange vegetable of the … [Read more...]

Pasta Power

Its time for our Friday taste test of our third $2 meal.  I do love pasta but I really try and avoid the creamy sauces as I know they are not the best for my heart or my hips. The recipe today originates from one of the very first cookbooks designed for athletes, written in 1993 and titled 'The … [Read more...]

Good Friday Frugality

Here is the Easter edition of a $2 meal just in time for a fishy Good Friday. I think a few squares of good quality dark chocolate would finish it off nicely. No, its not included in the $2 but so worth sacrificing. Stuffed Potato 1 x 200 g potato cooked whole in the microwave 100g tin tuna, … [Read more...]