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The $2 shop

When we last spoke I was having a good rant about fast food conglomerates and their ethics in sales practices when offering unhealthy but cheap food to the masses.  And I mean masses.  675 000 vouchers for a Whopper and fries deal from Hungry Jacks sold in less than 48 hours. Since then I have … [Read more...]

What a Scoop

In the past 48 hours Scoopon, a daily deal website, broke all sales records and offloaded 675 000 discount vouchers.  This equates in $1.3 million in sales. But we are not talking about consumers buying movie tickets or a beauty treatment.  We are talking about $1.3 million worth of Hungry Jack's … [Read more...]

Sleeping Beauty

Sometimes when I am feeling tired, I envy Sleeping Beauty.  I love that nobody bothers her.  Sure, they can't find her in the overgrown castle grounds but nevertheless, she enjoys uninterrupted deep sleep. In our crazy, busy lives sleep seems to be one of those things that is easily sacrificed or at … [Read more...]