Archives for March 2011

Permanent or Temporary?

Just this morning with my weekly milk delivery I found a little brochure proclaiming that the milk I was holding had NO PERMEATE ADDED.  I have to confess my ignorance as all that flew into my mind was a visual of sitting at the hairdressers in the 80's with a big contraption over my head and … [Read more...]

Gluttony Glee

Is there a switch in our brains that goes off when we stand in front of a buffet table laden with food?  The switch that turns you into a slobbering dog that needs to taste every little thing in front of you and then some.  Ooohh, I have 1cm left in my massively extended stomach, I think I will just … [Read more...]


A few days ago  I was having dinner with my dear friends Jude and Dan and whilst solving the problems of the world we hit upon the subject of fancy-pants names.   Have you ever noticed that sometimes things that are out of date suddenly become new, sometimes just with the change to a fancy name? … [Read more...]