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The Last Supper

2 sleeps to go. Race day is looming and you need to know what to eat before you rush out the door to the start line.  While rushing make sure you factor stopping at the bowser 90-120 minutes before the gun goes off. Actually eating breakfast is the important thing.  Next is what you choose.  Around … [Read more...]

Load ’em up baby

Carbohydrate  loading.  Do you need it? Not for the 12 km but if you are trotting out for the 1/2 or full marathon, yes indeedy. Carb loading is effective for 24 hours prior to an event lasting longer than 2 hours and is calculated at a rate of 10 grams for each kg of body weight.  If you weigh … [Read more...]

Surf ‘N Turf

5 sleeps to go.  I know that many people are counting down to the 2010 Rebel Sport Perth City to Surf and the options are many.  You can choose from the running menu of 4km, 12km, Half Marathon (21.1km) or the the Marathon (42.2km). If you are participating in this event, now would be a good time to … [Read more...]

Run like the wind

Woohoo, I made it.  The Perth 1/2 Marathon that is.  There was actually never any doubt in my own mind that I would finish it, although I did have to give myself the toughen up talk a few times along the way.  I learnt a few things today. … [Read more...]

Clever Dogs

Sunny has sniffed out one and a half tonnes of the elusive truffle and Izzy has only managed 7kg this year.  Izzy clearly needs some performance enhancement.  I'm referring to the two truffle sniffing dogs that showed us their tricks at the Mundaring Truffle Festival over the weekend.  These dogs, … [Read more...]