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Go, Go Sumo

Bigger is not necessarily better. In the world of Sumo at least. Last night, as I watched with my very own eyes, the Mongolian champion Hakuho manhandled his opponent Kotooshu to remain undefeated at Summer Grand Sumo. The champion was one of the smallest (relatively speaking) wrestlers there. … [Read more...]

Sea urchin, radish salad and fish fluff

My heart was touched today. I was privileged to visit Nishikasai Elementary School just out of Tokyo. The Grade Four students sang and danced to entertain their overseas guests and then we sat in their classroom and ate lunch with them. 99% of elementary schools provide lunch for their students … [Read more...]

Sushi, baseball and baby milks

Neon lights. Raw fish. 12 million people. Tokyo. I am sitting in the district of Shiodome,Tokyo where I am the guest of Yakult, the international company that produces what my kids call 'baby milks.' ¬†Hailing from the city of Perth where the population is only 1.5 million, walking around a city … [Read more...]