Archives for April 2010

Red, red wine

We know that red wine is antioxidant rich, giving us a heart health benefit.  However, there is some talk about red wine only being beneficial if originating from some parts of France. … [Read more...]

Ball Rolling

Can you roll into a ball?  I tried it just to check and so far so good.  Being flexible is SO important to your daily movement and comfort and essential for getting a sweat up. Rolling into a ball is not something that many of us have to do each day.  Can't say I'm unhappy about that either. … [Read more...]

Bring on the party

Organising children's birthday parties can be stressful as some of you will know.  Where, what and $$$ are the common questions parents ask themselves every year. Just because my work involves assisting teams and businesses to achieve peak performance doesn't mean that I can't appreciate that … [Read more...]